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What is a 2/1 Rate Buy Down and How to Get One

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Securing a mortgage can be a daunting task and the complex language and terminology associated with the process can make it even more confusing. The 2/1 rate buy down is a type of mortgage that is used to reduce a borrower's initial interest rate for the first two years of their mortgage. With this comprehensive guide, you will gain a comprehensive

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Christine Hart – Bank of the West

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Christine Hart is a mortgage loan officer at Bank of the West. Christine has helped me in the past and I can tell you she is one of the best MLOs I have had the pleasure of working with. Christine can help buyers every step of the way through the loan process. Call her and ask her about the different programs she has to offer depending on your personal mortgage needs.,

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Mike Sadowski Aslan Lending Lakewood

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Mike Sadowski from Caliber Home Loans in Lakewood, CO has been in the mortgage industry as a mortgage lender since 1994 and has helped thousands of families achieve their dream of home ownership. As a mortgage originator and servicer Mike has seen, and kept with, the many changes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He has multiple loan products with his mortgage company. He works with military veterans. With today's competitive and ever changing regulatory landscape it is crucial to align yourself with someone who knows all aspects of the lending process. Whether your a first time buyer or a homeowner with multiple transactions under you belt, Mike will be sure to map out the process and ensure the best financing options are available to you. Partnering with Mike and his Team you will find the lending process smooth,manageable and you will be kept up to date on milestone events as you head towards homeownership. Mike is a Chicago native and has lived in Bailey, Colorado for 16 years, is married and has 3 children. Mike enjoys his Harley, dirt bikes and skiing the wonderful mountains of Colorado. Give Mike a call to get started on your loan application with a simple 10 minute phone call.