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Evergreen, CO – My Favorite Neighborhoods Living in Evergreen

2023-02-22T07:17:39-07:00By |Evergreen, Hangen Ranch, Hiwan, Neighborhoods, Soda Creek, Upper Bear Creek|

Orson Hill Realty Top Neighborhoods to Live in Evergreen As a real estate broker I am often asked what are the best neighborhoods in Evergreen and the Denver Foothills. It is sometimes difficult to answer that simply because everyone's needs are different. Some folks like big yards, others don't like the upkeep of a large lot. Some people have kids that are school aged and some people don't have kids but have horses. You may need to drive to Denver for work everyday or want to go skiing or mountain biking in the mountains every weekend and have access to those areas. You might like a view or you might think a view isn't worth the money. There are many variables going into buying the right home in the right area for the right price.