The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Evergreen, CO is the elk and the wildlife. Some locals that have been in Evergreen for 20 or more years remember when this sleepy mountain town was even more sleepy. Some native Evergreen residents feel the town has grown too much. It is hard for newcomers to classify Evergreen as “overcrowded” some days it seems like there are more elk in town than residents. Although the locals do get disturbed if they need to sit in traffic for more than one red light. It is all relative. I imagine it you have been in Evergreen for longer than the last boom it may feel like the town is getting over crowded. If you are just moving here from a larger town or city one might feel there isn’t a lot of people at all.

Evergreen CO Seems Like the Population Grew But That Just Might be Tourists

Some days on the weekend in Evergreen, CO it might feel like there isn’t a trailhead or park to go to for some hiking or relaxing without seeing someone. This is true for a lot of the summer. Although that makes Evergreen feel overcrowded the truth is this is mostly folks coming in that live in Denver or are vacationing in Denver or surrounding areas. There really hasn’t been a lot of new homes actually being built in Evergreen over the last 8 years or so. There have been a few but not enough for the area to see increased traffic and people like they have been. There is no doubt that areas like Golden, Denver, Littleton and all the other closer suburbs to Denver have been growing and adding new single family residents and large developments, Evergreen has not been building that many single family units. 

Sometimes it feels like there area more elk living in Evergreen, CO than People! 

One of the most amazing scenes in Evergreen, CO is an elk jam. Yes an Evergreen elk jam is something that still amazes the locals and really amazes the tourists. No matter how long a person has lived in Evergreen or the mountains an elk jam is something they never get tired of. It is something that makes even the people that grew up in Evergreen stop and check out. A long line of elk just waling through downtown Evergreen or walking down Evergreen Parkway stopping an entire town because they just don’t care. Elk are huge and they will just walk anywhere. It is always an amazing site to see and everyone slows down to check out the beautiful Evergreen Elk.

Plenty of Things to do in Evergreen, CO

Evergreen isn’t what most people would call a “crazy town” with lots of nightlife but there is still an active night scene in this little mountain town. On the weekends it’s nice to head to downtown Evergreen or any of the other bars in town. There are plenty of great restaurants. The real adventure in Evergreen is during the day at one of the many hiking trails in the area or even Evergreen Lake where they hold concerts in the summer, fishing and boat rentals then in the winter it turns into the largest outdoor maintained ice skating rink in the country along with great ice fishing. There is always something to do in Evergreen for all ages. 

Evergreen, CO