Evergreen home values have increased considerably in the past five years. The luxury homes in Evergreen, CO are no exception to the increase in value. The most expensive listings in Evergreen, over a million dollars have not appreciated as fast as the market under $1,000,000 but they have certainly increased. Luxury homes usually do not increase as fast as the rest of the real estate market. Although they do not increase as fast luxury homes usually increase at a more steady and consistent rate than the rest of the market. Luxury real estate usually doesn’t have the same ups and downs as the rest of the market. Luxury usually just rises at a steady rate.

Luxury listings in Evergreen, CO:

The luxury home market in Evergreen has always been a steady rate of appreciation and has rarely seen major swings up or down. It has gone up at a slower and steady rate. The Reason for this is that most buyers in the luxury price range are usually not impacted by the economy as others. In other words in a down economy most luxury buyers will have enough reserve cash to still afford a home.