Making your listing the best one one on the block

When a buyer and Realtor walks into your home when it is listed they usually know immediately if you have pride in your home by how well it is kept up. Buyers are more motivated to make an offer on a listing if they can see that through the years you have not let any maintenance be differed. The reason buyers are advised about differed maintenance is that if the homeowner has not taken care of the things that need to be taken care of on a regular basis it can have a long term impact on other parts of the house. For example if the roof has gone into disrepair it could have an impact on the attack, the walls and other parts of the home. Be sure to discuss these with your listing agent or an Orson Hill Realty broker.

A few things to make your home look good

  • Clean or replace carpets and get the waves out of the carpet (stretch it) and/or other flooring, such as vinyl or hardwoods. Try to repair any uneven or loose boards.
  • Clean the windows (inside and outside) and window coverings, blinds and curtains
  • Clean the kitchen, sinks and appliances (inside and out buyers do open the dishwasher)  and baths, tubs and mirrors completely.
  • Clear and pack away clutter. De cluttering is a huge and important thing to do. Not only does it make your home look cleaner but it makes any room look bigger. and sell or store any excess furniture. What I tell my clients is you are going to need to pack up anyways when you move so you should start now. Try not to (if possible) put your boxes and furniture in the garage or closets.
  • Clean out your closets–people love to see extra storage space and it helps to sell your home.
  • Paint or do a quick touch up for nicks and missing paint. Usually you want to use neutral colors, unless you are painting an accent wall. Don’t go crazy and paint things the way you like them…Not everyone has the same taste.
  • Take down family pictures and posters. You want to make your as non-personal as possible. Still leave things up but more like a hotel. I tell my clients that a buyer should not know anything about the kind of person you are when they leave your home. They need to be able to picture themselves in there.
  • Clean the basement and garage. Try not to put your de cluttered belongings in there. If you do store stuff in there be sure to do so nicely and as neatly as possible.
  • Sweep the outside of your home.
  • Do not be at home for showings. No buyer needs a guided tour. Most likely it will make them more uncomfortable.
  • Take animals with you when you leave.
  • Be sure to approve all showing appointments. Even if it is a little inconvenient for you.
  • Do a little landscaping
  • Open your windows before the showing (if it’s warm)
  • Brighten things up, turn on lights open shades.
  • Do not use too much scented products. It makes people think you are covering something up.
  • Stage an empty home

There are a lot of unconscious decisions that go into buying a home. People make a million choices and think about a million things when they walk through your home. Give them good thoughts.

I would be happy to stop by and offer you specific suggestions to help you ‘stage’ your home. This is the time for minor adjustments, not a major remodel. You don’t need to put a ton of cash into your home before you list.

Please call or email Orson Hill Realty with any questions. I would like to see if I can help save you a little time and money.