Looking for homes for sale in Kittredge, CO? Kittredge is a little mountain town near Evergreen, Golden and Morrison, CO. Just about 30 minutes from Denver and a bit over an hour to most of the ski resorts makes Kittredge a perfect spot to live for any of your needs. Most of the homes for sale in Kittredge are reasonably priced. With overall home values being below those of Evergreen makes kittredge the best gem in the area. 

The cool thing about Kittridge is that Kittridge is in the Evergreen Middle and Evergreen High School district. Being part of Jefferson County Schools makes the area very desirable. Not only for folks with kids going to school but many people don’t think about how important schools are for resale. When a buyer is looking for homes in Kittredge, or anywhere for that matter, they should always consider the school district. Even though schools might not be important to you because your children have grown or you don’t have children, keep in mind many people move to the mountains for the schools and to raise a family. Areas with better schools have higher resale value and are much more marketable. 

There are about 1000 residents in Kittredge and about 400 homes. There are more restaurants than one would think in such a small mountain town. From Black Hat Cattle CO to Switcback BBQ. There is always good food to find in Kittredge. 

Homes for Sale Kittredge, CO