Why are there not more luxury real estate companies in Evergreen?

Evergreen, CO and the Denver Foothills have some of the most luxurious and high end homes in Colorado.  Some of the greatest luxury retreats in the country. Great views, secluded and just sprawling mountain homes. So why don’t we have more luxury real estate companies in Evergreen and the Denver Foothills? Well there are a few reasons but a couple might be that selling a luxury home takes time and money from the luxury listing broker and after all that the home might not sell. Luxury homes are a much smaller market than your average home. The work is about the same from the contract aspect. So the question still stands…Why don’t we have more luxury listing brokers and agents in Evergreen?

What makes a luxury home a luxury home?

The term “luxury home” is a rather relative term but if you ask most luxury Realtors in the Denver Foothills and Evergreen, CO they will most likely a home over about one million dollars can get you luxury status. The fixtures and build should be all high end products. There shouldn’t be any “builder grade” material used. The floor plan should be large and you should feel a “wow” when you walk in.

Marketing a Luxury Home

When you take a luxury listing as an agent you know that this home is going to have a lot more days on market than an average priced home. You understand that any marketing money you put in the property won’t be returned to you for about a year or so. It is also a bit more money upfront. Anyone selling a luxury home wants their Realtor to put up some money. Put some skin in the game since you will be making a nice commission on the sale it’s only fair the broker put in more marketing capital than you would if the agent were selling a $10,000 land listing. The brochures need to be nicer, the photos need to be as many as the MLS will allow along with aerial views and virtual tours. You also should hold a broker lunch at the home and if you tell real estate agents their will be free food you will get a great turnout!

The knowledge needed for selling a luxury home

There isn’t much more real estate knowledge needed as far as contracts, septic and wells but a luxury broker needs to know the proper marketing media for a luxury home. You aren’t going to sell a three million dollar home on craigslist. Although Orson Hill Realty certainly does utilize Craigslist for it’s listings we do it in a slightly different fashion than posting it next to the riding mowers and used weed whackers.  A luxury Realtor needs to understand where the money is best spent for advertising a luxury home. Orson Hill Realty would like to discuss your luxury listing with you and tell you in person how we plan to market your home.