Real estate agents have struggles in their careers. Some agents that have been doing this as long as we have in Evergreen, CO have seen a lot of volatility in the market over the last couple of decades. With that being said real estate agents have never, ever seen a market like this. Even the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO are having a difficult time. This market is leaning so far in the sellers’ favor it is frightening. 

What is really going on with this real estate market?

There is a big problem (yes I said problem) without inventory. Real Estate agents in Evergreen know this. If an agent does not talk to you about how unbalanced the market is (whether you are a buyer or seller) you need to find an agent that will be straightforward with you. In a market like this your real estate agent needs to teach you how to behave as a buyer or seller. It is more important to explain to buyers what their offer will need to look like but sellers need to be educated about the market as well or they could be leaving a lot of money on the table. As a buyer, if you don’t know how you should be acting you will never get your offer accepted and you will be doing nothing but wasting your time.

Why Buyers (and Sellers) Should Use a Real Estate From Evergreen to Sell Their Evergreen Home..

Now more than ever it is important to use a local agent (very local agent) to sell your home in Evergreen. With this crazy real estate market, buyers should absolutely use a real estate agent that has ties to the area and knows all the agents. This a market that choosing the best real agent is one of the most important things you can do. Don’t hire your cousin, your friend’s daughter that just got her license. You need a real estate agent that is top-notch. This article may be rough but it is all true. Now is not the time to try out a new agent. You need experience agents or team.

Real Estate Brokers in Evergreen, CO 

The best way to find the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO is to Google it. Just Google “Real Estate Agents in Evergreen, CO”. Google knows who the best real estate agents are. Our websites are fantastic for buyers and sellers both. Buyers love the the real estate property alerts and the great advance property searches with pictures and other information. Sellers love the real estate sites because the amount of traffic we get is like no other local real estate website. Buyers see our listings first and that means more showings for sellers and that means more offer and that means more $$$. It isn’t science it’s just marketing. We are the rocket scientists of marketing.

Listing Agents

We have the best listing agents. We can list any home in Colorado. We specialize in luxury homes and horse properties but will work at any price point. We treat all clients the same. You get luxury service for any priced home. We sell your home fast and for the right price.

Buyer Agents

Our team of buyer agents for helping you find a home know the area. They are very experienced and know how to negotiate the best price for you based on the real estate market conditions. Sign up on our website for real time property alerts.

We Are High Tech

We are a high tech brokerage. We have multiple high traffic websites and market your home throughout the internet with digital marketing and on our websites. 90% of buyers find their home online. Our technology help our buyers and sellers call us to find out how!

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