If you’re planning to sell your home in Evergreen, you have a lot to plan for. First, you must hire an Evergreen real estate agent who knows the market and will sell your home quickly and at the right price. Next, you need to prepare your home to sell!

Staging your home for potential buyers is not a new idea, in fact it has become fairly common for Orson Hill Real Estatesellers. As Evergreen’s premier real estate agent, we’re familiar with the importance of staging your home in order to appeal to the perfect buyer.

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Sellers should stage their home if they want to sell quickly, and at the price point they desire. The numbers are their from NAR that say staging your home and getting it “Show Ready” is very important. Even in a seller’s market when your home will sell fast, you still want to get the most money you can. It is a shame if a seller leaves money on the table by not getting a listing ready to sell.

Keep Sellers Focused

As a seller, you have become emotionally attached to your home and the unique possessions you’ve acquired over the years speak to who you are. However, your furniture, style, and belongings can be distracting for some buyers. That’s not to say your style is distasteful, it just means you need to market your home to sell. Once you commit to putting your house on the market, you need to commit to a transformation that buyers can easily picture as their own. Staging your home doesn’t have to be an expensive in order for it to be beneficial. Instead, begin packing your belongings early, and only leave out staple pieces of furniture like couches, dining room tables, etc. and remove anything that could distract buyers from seeing the true beauty of your home.

It’s Time To De clutter

We’d all love to live clutter-free, wouldn’t we? The reality is that our everyday living environment presents a certain amount of clutter that we have learned to live with. Simply put, clutter is another perpetrator of distraction to potential buyers. Neglecting to organize your pile of mail, clean out the overflowing junk drawer, and hide the toaster oven and other counter top appliances sends a message that you don’t have enough space. Let’s face it, buyers want to envision their belongings in your home. Additionally, you want your home to look like it is well kept and cared for.

Specific Things For Sellers to Focus On

The Bathroom and Powder Rooms

Remember when selling your home optics are very important. There are so many subconscious factors that go through a buyers mind when looking at homes. When a buyer walks into a home and the bathrooms are not clean or the curtains are old they are really turned off. If they walk in and see mildew it really makes them wonder. Sellers need to keep the bathrooms very clean during showings. Make sure before listing a home your remove all hard water stains and muck.


There is no need to paint the entire interior and exterior of a home. Sometimes you just need to touch a few things up and do what is called an accent wall. An accent wall really changes the look of a home. It is incredible how an accent wall that is darker than the other main walls will really give depth and size to a room. Not to mention it just looks cool.

The kitchen…

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home these days. A buyer and their Realtor can almost immediately tell the age of a home by the kitchen. Back in the 70s kitchen were just for baking brownies with mom. Nowadays people hang out and gather in the kitchen. It is the second most important room almost as important as the master bedroom and in some cases more. After all you spend more awake time in the kitchen than the master bedroom. Also most of your guests don’t even see the master. So if a seller is planning on investing any money in their home before listing sellers might want to focus on the kitchen. It really give you a strong RIO.

Rest assured, staging your home is worthwhile to your time and the minor investment in order to sell quick. Contact Orson Hill Realty to sell your Evergreen home fast and at the price you want!