December 2022

For Sale By Owner Homes – Just Don’t Sell One and Just Don’t Buy One

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The transaction and legal challenges in every transaction is more complex than you know. HGTV and Zillow do not give you the education even the worst Realtor has. It is not worth the time, the money you may lose and the legal challenges that loom even way past the close of the transaction.

January 2020

Homes for Sale By Owner Evergreen CO FSBO

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It seems like whenever there is a seller's market for sale by owner homes start popping up more and more. Evergreen Colorado is no different. Sellers believe that when it is a seller's market they have an easier ability to sell their home. For sale by owner sellers believe that there is only one step in selling a home. FSBO Sellers believe all they need to do is slap their home on zillow in wait for the people to flock to their home. One thing for sale by owner people just don't seem to understand is there is 1 issue at the beginning that they never consider. 1 of the most frightening things about selling a home is security. When a real estate agent finds buyers they tend of that them and see what kind of people they are they have information they have their cellphone numbers they usually have a lot of information about them. A for sale by owner seller sometimes just takes a phone call and invites the potential buyer and to their home. This seller doesn't understand how dangerous this is. I don't even want to mention if a for sale by owner seller has an open house that's a completely different security issue.

June 2018