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March 2023

Your Realtor is the Only One You Should Take Real Estate Advice From

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Why Listen to Your Realtor? The impetus for this article came about after observing the poor decision-making of certain customers, who received advice on real estate matters from a wide variety of sources.

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Real Estate Agent Market Update – Evergreen – Golden – Denver Foothills

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The chart of the entire Denver MLS below tells us the same story the real estate market has told for a few years now. Real estate agents across the state has seen a crazy sell off over the last week. The market is still leaning a bit towards the seller's side. The market is still very healthy and seems to be holding value and the sellers seem to be seeing an easy sell. Buyers are not being pushed around too much as you can see by the number of price deceases across the entire MLS. There was a time that you saw very little need for sellers to adjust the price of their listing. There was such a furry of selling that the sellers could pretty much set their price and sit back and wait for the offers to roll in. Those days are pretty much gone but it is still pretty easy to sell a home anywhere in Colorado in a short amount of time.

Danny Skelly – Owner – Real Estate Agent – Employing Broker – Realtor

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My name is Danny Skelly I am an Evergreen, CO Real Estate agent and Realtor that specializes in mountain properties and real estate. I

April 2018

Why you should let your real estate broker handle all communication with the other side

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It is sometimes hard for buyers and sellers to contain their excitement when it comes to buying or selling a home. Sometimes they feel they are doing the broker or agent a favor by not bothering them and contacting a broker or buyer or seller directly.