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Evergreen Luxury Real Estate

If you ask any luxury real estate agent in Evergreen, Colorado you will hear the same thing, The luxury market is thriving more that ever. We are seeing an influx of high end home buyers in the entire Denver Foothills area. We are seeing more money coming into Denver and with the easy access to Denver from Evergreen it makes sense we are seeing this change. Many people want to live in the mountains but have easy access to all things the city has to offer with an easy drive. There are even a lot of people that work in Denver and live up in Evergreen. Evergreen also has easy access to all the Rocky Mountain ski resorts. 

Looking at the numbers:

According to he Denver MLS the number of listings in Evergreen, Colorado over $1,000,000 are a little lower than the summer (that is to be expected) with 30 active listings. July had the most in the last 12 months with 48 active listings. We have only 1 more than last month but should see an upswing come springtime. If we look at another number, the average days on market, we see that number decreasing. The highest month in the last 12 months was march and all listings averaged 289 days on market. We have seen that number decrease considerably over the summer to as low as some homes selling in 49 days. Right now we are sitting at about 115 days on market and that is lower that most months in the trailing 12 months.

The Big Picture:

Evergreen, Colorado will always be a desirable place for people to live across all price points. No matter what your budget is everyone wants to live here. The high end luxury home buyer is not different. With most high end homes you will get plenty of land and a great breathtaking view. Evergreen, Colorado is the place to find your luxury mountain retreat of your next high end home.