Weather Evergreen Colorado
Weather Evergreen Colorado

What Is The Weather Like In Evergreen Colorado?

Evergreen Colorado is located at about 7500′ altitude. This makes the weather a little different than some people think. Evergreen has very mild weather. Even in the winter temperatures are mild and the sun is usually shining. Evergreen does have occasional snowstorms but the snow never lasts that long.

What Is The Climate Like In Evergreen Colorado?

The climate in Evergreen Colorado is arid and extreme. With very little moisture this area has cold temperatures. Snow falls less than 45 days per year. Average temperatures in Evergreen are around 50-54F but if we have a snowstorm the temperatures are below freezing. Summer heat is brutal with temperatures often reaching 100 degrees. Things To Do In Evergreen Colorado Evergreen Colorado is a wonderful place to visit. Some people from the Rocky Mountains come to this area for winter activities and there are tons of things to do in Evergreen. From downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, climbing and just doing stuff. You can enjoy ice skating, hiking, camping, hunting and fishing.

What Types Of Weather Does The Area Experience?

Sometimes the high mountain passes are closed due to snow. This means that it is necessary to go a little out of the way to reach your destination if your route takes you over these passes. The north part of Evergreen, which is the area just east of Interstate 70, is very much like Denver. There is very mild weather during the summer months and there are usually a few days of really cold weather at the beginning of winter. This region is home to about 45 ski resorts. The south part of Evergreen, which is the area west of Interstate 70, is very much like Boulder. The weather is usually really mild and the high elevations are usually covered with snow. Temperatures in this area can be up to 15 degrees warmer than on the lower slopes.

What Is The Typical Temperature?

The typical day in Evergreen is in the 50’s. If you are outside, you have to cover up. However, if you are inside, you can wear shorts and t-shirts. What Is The Snowfall Average? Every winter there is usually several inches of snow in Evergreen. When there is more than a foot of snow on the ground it is actually a “blizzard”. However, when there is less than a foot of snow, there is a chance of seeing a dusting. What Is The Snow Cover Average? Evergreen’s average snow cover is at about 50% meaning it gets very little snow. When the snow does fall, it melts the next day. What Is The Average Precipitation Amount? Evergreen’s average rainfall for the year is 8.64″ which is more than 3 inches per month. In the spring, summer and fall, there is very little rain in Evergreen.

How Often Do Snowstorms Occur In Evergreen Colorado?

Occasionally snowstorms can be expected to sweep across the state. This can be a major storm or a little dusting. Either way it’s not unusual. How Long Does It Take For Snow To Cover Roads? This is usually pretty quick as you are driving on the roads. There is an exception though, if the snow is very dry and powdery. This is one area where you need to pay attention to the weather and drive carefully. Are There Driving Bans Due To Snow in Evergreen Colorado? You could still drive in town even if a ban was in place, but if you’re headed out into the back country you may want to think about getting off the road until the ban is lifted. What Is The Average Snowfall In Evergreen Colorado? The average snowfall in Evergreen is about 50 inches per year.

How does the altitude affect climate?

The high altitude of Evergreen Colorado provides a very mild climate, despite its latitude. Relative humidity is the highest in the month of May, while in the middle of the summer months the air is much drier than lower altitudes of the Front Range. Temperature extremes range from highs of 84F in July to lows of -30F in January. Most precipitation falls in the form of rain. This makes the weather a lot like Denver and Colorado Springs, which are at about the same altitude. Coolest Time of Year: March, April, May Warmest Time of Year: July, August, September How does the climate affect wildlife? The weather in Evergreen can have an effect on the climate of the environment. Evergreen is a very popular destination for migrating birds.

What are the seasons like in Evergreen?

Spring has the most action in the Evergreen. The temperature starts getting warmer and warmer. The days get longer and longer and the area gets greener. June is the summer season. The hottest month is July. September is the fall season. The foliage colors are outstanding and the weather is usually pretty nice as well. It usually starts to cool down in October. And then the leaves start to change in November. This is the perfect time to head out to Evergreen. What Are Some Other Things To Do In Evergreen? Evergreen is a great place to explore the state of Colorado. You can check out the state park and hike the mountain trails. This is also the perfect place to check out some nature. One of the best places to explore is Rocky Mountain National Park.