Where to Live in the Denver Foothills

Should we live in Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Morrison or Golden?


When folks are looking for their next home in the Denver Foothills they seem to always look in multiple places. They don't really know the area and are literally all over the map. If you look at the map below you will see that there is a great deal of land that is part of the Denver Foothills. The map below is a representation of active listings in Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Morrison and Golden. The area that is right for you may be different depending on your needs. For example, where will you be working? Do you have kids that are school age? Do you want to go skiing or hiking in the mountains everyday? These are all very important questions when deciding what area is best for you and your family. Even if you think to yourself "I will just be working out of my home" well there are areas that don't have cell reception or high speed internet so even if you don't plan on leaving your compound, you still need to figure out what is best for you.

If you will be working in Denver then your best bet might be Golden or Evergreen. But both are pretty different areas. Golden is closer to Denver but is more populated and further from the ski resorts. Golden has a little more to do to and more shops and restaurants but Evergreen has of a small town mountain feel. Conifer also has a fast route down 285 to get down to Denver as well. Bailey is a bit far out there for people working in Denver but you can get a lot more for your money.

Once you decide what city to live in you need to decide where in that town to live. In the mountains the miles as the crow happens to fly has nothing to do with your drive time. You can look on a map in the foothills and trip that is only 4 miles in a straight line and that drive can be 45 minutes. In the mountains you have you have....well mountains so you might need to drive up 12 switchbacks, 4 dirt roads and 5 hairpin turns. So with that in mind just because a property looks like you are only 5 minutes to I70 you might actually be 30 minutes away. You will need to discuss this with your real estate agent.

To know what area is right for you it is highly recommended you contacting a Realtor in Evergreen or Conifer to discuss what fits your needs and especially your budget. You real estate agent (broker) will help you make the right choice since they know the area. We recommend using a mountain real estate company like Orson Hill Realty.

Note: Not all properties found may be shown on the map.