Why Everyone Loves Evergreen Colorado the Best Denver Mountain Town To Live


Evergreen is a mountain town situated on the western edge of Denver, Colorado. It is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and has a population of over 10,000 people. This quaint community offers access to many outdoor activities and recreation that you won’t find anywhere else in Colorado. Evergreen was settled as a mining town in 1878 before becoming a vacation destination during the first half of the 20th century. Today, it’s one of Denver’s most desirable places to live! In this post we’ll explain why everyone loves Evergreen Colorado so much (and why it’s such an awesome place to live).


One of the most important factors in choosing where to live is location. And when it comes to location, Evergreen Colorado has you covered.

Evergreen is a Denver suburb and one of the best locations for mountain towns in America. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Evergreen is located near Denver International Airport (DIA), so flying in and out of town is easy!

  • It’s only 30 minutes from DIA by car; so if you want to take a trip somewhere else, you can be there with no trouble at all!

  • The mountains are just down the road too! You can drive up them or hike them any time you like—they’re right there!

Downtown Evergreen

Downtown Evergreen is a very unique place to live. It offers a ton of things to do in the town itself, but it is also close enough to Denver that you can take advantage of the big city for all its amenities.

There are many great restaurants and shops in downtown Evergreen, such as The Bistro at Riverstone and the Meatball Spot. There are also great coffee shops like Cafe Aroma and Northside Café that offer delicious food as well as excellent iced lattes!

If you’re into art, don’t worry: there are several galleries in Downtown Evergreen where you can learn more about local artists’ works. If you have little ones with you who need some entertainment while being out on your own then this is definitely the place for them because there’s even an indoor play area called Little Rascals Playhouse where they can stay entertained while grownups enjoy their time together without having to worry about watching over them constantly (which lets face it—is no fun).

If hiking or biking is more your thing then check out one of our many trails located just outside town; whether it’s an easy walk around Strawberry Lake Trailhead or something more challenging like Turkey Creek Trailhead we’ve got plenty options so everyone will be happy! Or if horseback riding appeals more than walking then why not try Spruce Meadows Stables?

Open Space Parks in Evergreen

The City of Evergreen has taken great care to ensure that the city has plenty of open space parks and trails. These are used for hiking, biking, and horseback riding by people of all ages. The parks are also used for picnics and family outings so it’s a great place for people looking to get out in nature without having to drive too far from Denver.

Evergreen Colorado is a great place to live!

Evergreen is a great place to live! It has a vibrant economy and is known for its lush scenery. The median home value in Evergreen is $829,000 which is higher than the state average ($567,800).

  • If you’re looking for a place for everyone, there are many options for schools in Evergreen. There are over 12 public schools as well as many private ones that are highly regarded by families.

  • If you’re thinking about retiring in Colorado, then Evergreen might be what you’re looking for! With its low cost of living and mild climate year-round, it’s easy to see why so many retirees choose this area as their permanent residence after working hard all their lives.

  • And if you just want some vacation time away from work or school obligations then consider spending some time here too!

The best of both worlds

Visit Evergreen and you’ll find that it’s a small town with big city amenities. You can enjoy the best of both worlds: the feel of country living with the convenience of being less than 20 miles from downtown Denver and close to the ski resorts.

When you’re done exploring, there are many parks to visit so your family can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking on gorgeous trails through open space areas, or maybe horseback riding along Gold Camp Road—a historic site where miners once settled in a gold rush town. And if that wasn’t enough, Evergreen has an artistic culture as well! There are several galleries for those who love art, including The Artful Fox Gallery (which is housed inside an old bank) and The Historic Old Town Hall Gallery & Museum which showcases local artists’ work every month during their First Fridays event every month from 6 pm – 9 pm; additionally they have been voted by 5280 Magazine readers as their favorite place to view art in Denver Metro Area.

Hiking, biking, and horseback riding galore

The great outdoors is at your fingertips in Evergreen. With easy access to hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails right outside of town, you are literally never more than a few minutes away from enjoying nature’s beauty. If you like to hike on the weekends with friends—or if you are looking for a family-friendly activity—the nearby Valmont Bike Park has miles of bike trails that wind through the mountainside. Or if you prefer an afternoon stroll on a trail less traveled, explore one of the many paths located just outside of town (like Bear Creek Trail).

For those who love to bike but also want to make sure their kids get some time outside playing baseball or soccer during the weekdays, here’s some good news: You don’t have to go far for recreational activities! The area surrounding Evergreen is home to several mountain resorts where many activities take place year round. These include skiing during winter months; summertime swimming pools; hiking and climbing trails; golf courses; tennis courts; equestrian centers where folks can ride horses every day if they choose (just ask about renting one!).

An artsy-craftsy culture

  • The artsy-craftsy culture of Evergreen is unlike any other. Downtown, you will find a variety of galleries and shops where you can walk in and buy local art, crafts, furniture and more.

  • The arts community in Evergreen is strong with a vibrant music scene, fine art galleries and theater productions—not to mention the incredible talent on display at the annual Evergreen Fine Art & Wine Festival each August.

  • With over 50 craft breweries within an hour’s drive from us (including two that are literally within walking distance!), it’s no surprise that there’s been such an explosion in Colorado’s craft beer culture as well as ours over the last few years!

  • We have lots of great restaurants too—from steakhouses to sushi joints; from pizza places to upscale eateries with award-winning chefs behind them; plus plenty more besides these examples alone! This gives our foodie culture something special: diversity among types of cuisine served up all around town (i.e., something different every night out).

A fantastic education system

The Evergreen School District is rated 9th in the state of Colorado. With seven elementary schools, one middle school and one high school, it has a reputation for being one of the best districts in the state, with consistent high performance on state tests and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Evergreen is also home to two private schools: The Evergreen School (K-8) and Summit Mountain Montessori School (K-8).

Evergreen Lake

The lake is the heart of the community, and everyone loves it. You can go boating, fishing, or just walking around the lake. There are picnic areas and a playground for kids. There are hiking trails that lead to the lake as well as trails leading into town from Evergreen Lake so you can get groceries without driving far.

Downtown Evergreen

Downtown Evergreen is the perfect place to live and play. With plenty of shopping, restaurants and services—not to mention one-of-a-kind galleries—the downtown area is easily walkable. You’ll find everything you need in this quaint mountain town.

The shops are located on Main Street (Highway 74), which runs parallel to Highway 73. Most of them are open during the day and close around 7 pm on weekdays but stay open later on Friday and Saturday nights into the early morning hours.

Both easy trips to anywhere you want to go and a quiet places to live.

You can live in Evergreen, Colorado and be close to all the excitement of Denver, without being so close you can’t enjoy the quiet mountain lifestyle. With easy access to the mountains and a great school system, Evergreen is a terrific place to raise kids or anyone else who likes nature.

In addition to its proximity to Denver, Evergreen also has easy access to Vail and Aspen as well as several other great towns like Bailey, Conifer and Georgetown.


So yes, we have seen a lot of evidence that Evergreen is the best place to live in Colorado. And if you’ve been thinking about moving here or just visiting for a weekend trip, this post should have given you some great reasons why you might want to do so. If all else fails, though—and it probably won’t—we can always fall back on one final argument: Evergreen deserves its nickname of “Denver Mountain Town.” It has everything that makes Denver great (easy access to city life) with everything that makes mountain towns great (quieter pace of life). So go ahead; take our word for it!