Sorry promotion has ended

Danny Skelly from Orson Hill Realty is testing out a flat fee listing structure. This will be for a limited time only. Starting September 15, 2018 and running through November 1st, 2018. This program is to see if it will be feasible to continue this type of price structure in the future. This fee structure will apply to all new listings that sign a listing contract for at least 300 days and between the time frame noted above. There are other rules that apply such as (but not limited to) a co-op buyer fee that any seller should never discount (by my humble opinion).

This very limited time, special offer is as followed (yes there are special rules that apply)

$250,000 – $400,000 List Price

Flat fee $5,000

+ Buyer agent co-op


$400,000 – $600,00 List Price

Flat Fee $7500

+ Buyer agent co op

$600,000 – $800,000 List Price

Flat Fee $10,000

+ Buyer agent co op

$800,000 – $1,000,000 List Price

Flat Fee $20,000

+ Buyer agent co op

Over $1,000,000 List Price

Call for a very special rate! 303-503-8793.

The finest of print… Now this is a limited time only. Dan is able to do this because he owns the firm and has no huge franchise fees or anything like that. This is strictly a test and this offer will not be out there after the 1st of November. Orson Hill Realty is not a discount brokerage. They are a full service brokerage firm that takes very good care of their clients. This is just a test to see if this structure is a feasible. We have seen a bunch of discount brokerage firms come and go in Colorado and it doesn’t seem like it will work. The difference in what Dan is trying is that the buyer co op will not be discounted. That is a fee that will be paid by the seller. There are other stipulations on this discount fee structure. Give Dan a call at 303-503-8793 to discuss.

This discount does not apply to any other discounts, previous listings, commercial or non primary residence property. and it sure does not apply to land. 

You also MUST, I repeat MUST mention this promotion BEFORE, I REPEAT BEFORE I begin writing up the listing contract. I will NOT I REPEAT NOT change my fee structure to a flat fee if the contract has been started and we have already discussed my listing fee. I will NOT mention this to you. Had to have found this on your own and I will not offer a discounted rate voluntarily. Thank you and I hope you understand my reasoning behind this. I am also using this experiment to track my marketing as well as a test if it is economically feasible with all I do for my listings to discount my rate so heavily.  Also please note that not all Orson Hill Realty agents are  participating in this discounted fee structure. All agents are independent contractors and set their own listing fees.

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