This might shock you since this is our website, but the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO (FOR YOU) might not be Orson Hill Realty. Although we do all 5-star reviews when this was written. Yes, you are on Orson Hill Realty’s page and for us to say that might seem odd. But It is true. As far as we are concerned we are the best real estate agents in Evergreen when it comes to everything technical regarding contracts and marketing and knowing the area But when picking a real estate agent it is important to choose someone you can work well with.  My mom once told me “Danny there is no way anyone wouldn’t like you”. I found out real fast that wasn’t the case. I think all adults know there are just some people that no matter what you can’t work with. That is one of the most important things when choosing the best real estate agent FOR YOU. I am smart enough to know that not everyone will like me. Most people do and I do great for 99.9% of the people buying or listing their home. You could possibly be the .01%. It is very important there is trust between you and your agent. If you don’t like or trust your agent there will be major problems.

We see it all the time. Someone refers their friend to an agent they just love and can’t stop talking about. Then you go and use that agent and you think they are a total baffoon. That is because you didn’t have the same chemistry and that is normal. The best thing to do is to talk to them. Get to know them and see if you can trust them, work well with them and if they know what they are doing.

We have a lot of great agents in Evergreen, CO and we still think we are the best but there might be .01% that think differently and we completely understand that and we still wish you the best even if you don’t use Orson Hill Realty…The BEST real estate agents in Evergreen, CO!

Who are the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO?
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