Tips on packing up your home

As we discussed in other articles, you really need to de clutter your home before putting it on the market. There are a bunch of reasons for doing this that really help you sell your home. One reason is it makes your home look much bigger. Also it shows pride in your home and buyers like to see that so it makes them (even if it’s just subconscious) that the things they can’t see are taken care of as well as the things they can see. Packing for a move can be difficult and and take a great deal of time. Sometimes when you look at this project it is hard to even know where to begin. It’s best to look at one room at a time and it won’t seem as overwhelming. You can do the packing  yourself or hire someone to do it for you, here are some suggestions to save you time:

  • Your real estate agent should be able to give you more advice on getting your home ready to move but here a few general tips for you.
  • You will need plenty of good moving boxes (when packing it is best to make sure the boxes are new and very sturdy. They will be put through a lot of stress and your belongings can get damaged if you skimp on cheaper very beat up boxes), packing tape (get real packing tape. Believe it or not not all packing tape is the same and some has a challenge sticking to the cardboard boxes), and packing paper (or newspaper). Bubble wrap is excellent for your fine breakables. Although bubble wrap is expensive, it will still be cheaper than trying to replace a piece from grandma’s china.
  • This is one of those common sense things that sometimes needs to be pointed out, the heavier the items, such as books, electronics, and dishware the smaller the box should be. when you pack those things in larger boxes they become impossible to move and the box can give out and all your hard work packing is all over the floor or moving truck. Always practice good healthy moving as well, take plenty of breaks because your stress level is high and you add heavy lifting and fatigue to the equation you could have health problems. Always lift with your legs!
  • Always pack your jewelry, coin collections, special photos, and other valuables yourself. Do not put these items in the moving truck. Always put them in your personal vehicle. This can’t be stressed enough because most moving helpers are not part of the company and are only used for one or two moves. Some of them are very shady (personal experience has taught me this one)
  • You will also want to move paints, firearms, ammunition, and aerosol cans in your own vehicle. Movers will not transport hazardous materials. Sometimes it’s better to rent a small u-haul trailer to bring your own valuables with you.
  • Unplug and clean your refrigerator, and don’t forget the dishes in the dishwasher!
  • Be sure back up your files before you shut down your computer.  A lot can happen to your hard drive during transportation. Also if you still have the original boxes and packing for your electronics use those. Most of those boxes are designed to safeguard your product being shipped half way around the world from the manufacturer to your local store.
  • It is hard to do but it makes things so much easier on the tail end if you take and minute on every box and label the boxes according to which rooms they will be used in. This will help your movers go faster as well because if they aren’t labeled they will ask you on every box “where do you want this one?”

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call or email me anytime.