Sean Madden

The Colorado Front Range has been my home for many years. Relocating to this beautiful state in 1989 . I found the beauty of Colorado breathtaking and knew this would be my future home. I enjoy many gifts Colorado has to offer such as hiking, fishing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Fortunately, I found a great Real Estate home with an amazing Managing Broker and support system at Orson Hill Realty. My knowledge of Jefferson County creates the opportunity to provide great insight and information for Real Estate transactions. I have obtained in depth knowledge of Jefferson County and working with service entities such as local Fire Districts and Utility Companies.

I have established great relationships with Jefferson County developers, surveyors, structural engineers, soils engineers and contractors to serve with Real Estate purchase.

With Real Estate I keep the following phrases in mind:

¨ Different Strokes for Different Folks

¨ I serve the citizens of the World

¨ Honor your Mother and Farther

¨ Tolerance & Patience

I look forward to providing the greatest Fiduciary relationship possible to my clients as your REALTOR.

Have a great day.

Sean Madden
Sean MaddenRealtor

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