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Ten Tips for Log Home Maintenance and Upkeep: A Log Houser's Guide

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Ten Tips for Log Home Maintenance and Upkeep: A Log Houser’s Guide


There is some upkeep and maintenance needed for log homes. Log homes are a popular architecture in the mountains and foothills in Colorado.


House Maintenance

Maintaining a log home can be done in the same way as any other home, however, there are special considerations in doing so. There are several areas to consider when maintaining a log home. There are foundations to maintain, trim to trim, lighting, weatherization and structural integrity. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to do it and they are best done under a licensed and experienced builder. When not in use, most log homes need little maintenance and can be operated mechanically. Recommended Stories For You Inspections The first thing to consider is having an inspection for your log home. An inspection can identify safety and structural problems, like cracks, crumbles, misalignments, weak walls and weak wood or if the foundation is sound.


Log Home Storage

Storage is always a necessity when living in a log home. Attics are the perfect place to house many of the items that can’t fit in the main part of the house, especially if there are a number of children and teenagers. Don’t forget about a place to store your cars! Log Home Drainage Landslides and other weather-related issues can potentially ruin a log home, so it’s important to pay attention to these issues. You can install drains to channel water from the house away from the log walls. Log Home Heat Heating a log home can be a challenge for a number of reasons. Each log is different, and that impacts the way the logs are laid up. Logs will often take longer to warm up than a different kind of timber. This is due to the natural properties of the logs.


Log Fire Pit Safety

There are many questions about fire pits. These pits are not safe to use in the home or outside of your home. Once you use a fire pit for the first time make sure you wear the proper fire extinguisher. Inspect Your Log Siding There are many reasons to clean your siding. You should clean your siding, if you notice paint fading, the seams are coming apart, the exterior of your siding is separating, or if the flashing is peeling away. Clean Basement Wood Floors Basement wood floors are not only beautiful but if they are not clean you may not get the best insulation. You can use a solution of vinegar and water to clean the wood floors, and you can put down a degreaser like Windex. Damp Basement Floors Basements can be a damp area.


Log Home Energy Efficient

As part of the guide, there are seven tips for log home energy efficiency. All of the tips follow a similar theme. Adopt green building practices. Use products and energy efficient tools. Choose smart windows and HVAC. Lock down your heating and cooling. Avoid heating bills and use effective insulation. Insulate your home. Each of the tips is backed up with a detailed set of measurements and advice. In addition, the authors offer many ways to save money on the installation of new construction and retrofit existing logs homes for energy efficiency. Design the home to suit your needs It’s easy to learn the trends and features of log homes. A log home represents a combination of the style of the past and the technological advances of the present.


Hoses and Watering Systems

For me, this is a great rule. Hoses should be included in the list of to-dos before building a home. Log Homes aren’t that fancy and some of them don’t have a dedicated water system. Water is not included in the cost of the home. Luckily, you will get water service before you buy the home. It will be included in the home inspection. The inspector will want to see if there is water and pipes. If they are included and the property has natural water, then you can call a well owner and schedule an inspection for the well. Remember, this is only needed if you choose a water well in the canyon. If you choose a well in a ridge of the mountain, then the well owner may need to purchase a special type of water hose. The water in the hose will not come from the well itself.


Landscape Maintenance and Care

Residential landscapes can be exposed to the elements. Sometimes that exposure can take a toll on the appearance and structure of your landscape. A few suggestions: Create a 4 to 6 inch layer of compost and amendments around landscape beds. Use a 3 to 4 inch layer on top of the soil. This will keep moisture in the soil. This layer will be covered in foliage. This will protect plants from falling in the watering holes created by small drainage areas around the landscape. Pruning Check to see if your trees are healthy. Prune heavily if your trees are not healthy. Pruning your trees will remove dead branches and make the tree more effective. And prune lightly if your trees are healthy. Add some mulch around your plants.


Subsection 6.1 A Guide to Growing Plants for a Front Lawn

A farmer wants to grow tomatoes in the summer. How can he do this? The farmer makes a soil mix for each raised bed. He mixes the soil with compost and a sprinkling of manure. He makes sure the mix is kept moist, and then plants his tomatoes in their individual pots. How can he make sure the tomatoes stay healthy and grow big and juicy? This explains the soil mixture. It’s called peat. Subsection 7.1 A Guide to Growing Houseplants The job of a gardener is done. However, the housekeeper has much to do. With the help of spruce, pine needles and iron filings, the housekeeper has to keep the place in order. We will provide the proper solution to keep the house clean, moist and pest-free. The best solution is to put moss into the house. Subsection 8.

Some maintenance is needed for log homes. Many homeowners are still not aware of all the details of their log home and maintenance is needed.


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