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A reggae concert featuring Yvad (former lead singer of The Wailers) & 1 Tribe with Special Guests Split Window

Kevin ‘Yvad” Davy the somewhat enigmatic and reticent Singer, Songwriter, former Tuff Gong protege, former lead singer for the touring Wailers band has clearly set the springboard into motion for a busy 2019. After a highly successful 2016 which saw the release of two singles, “Tribute” an acoustic track dedicated to Bob Marley and the Wailers and “Riverton”,both accompanied by videos, Yvad has all reasons to walk with a new found bounce as he received great rotation in mainstream media.

The last few years Yvad has been on the stage at Rebel Salute and followed up with appearances at The Kingston Urban Festival, Rastafari Rootzfest and One Nite for Haiti Benefit Concert. He also did a myriad number of Club appearances at Triple Century, Red Bones, Jamnesia, Roundhill Hotel, Jungle Fyah, Skyline Levels, House of Dancehall and the The Alibi where he was met with wild acclaim. He also did promotional stops at KOOL FM, HOT 102, HYPE TV and featured on the Mello FM Road Tour with Barry G and Ron Muschette.

It’s safe to say he has laid the groundwork for a successful 2019; with new music due out this summer, he is already in high gear and reggae fans will be happy not only to hear Yvad’s latest music but know that he is putting together plans for a summer Tour of U.S.A and Europe.

Started in 2018 when the members came together and realized that there was a need to unite the best of many bands into one, making a powerful, skilled an ready to move backing band. Each member was playing in other bands, supporting traveling artists and creating original music for the local music scene in South Florida. Collectively, over the years, each one of the members had played together out of necessity of their own bands missing members or playing as a fill in for other projects. It wasnt until the idea came to fullness that if we took selective members of some of the best bands in the region, put them together and formed one unite with this strength of talent, that we could form a premier, elite, versatile and full a vibes band that is ready for the world. thus… 1 Tribe band was formed.

Rastafari is at the core of this band making it’s focus on conscious roots reggae that uplifts the world. The members of 1 Tribe hail from all over the world however it it the music that is unites the music, musicians and fans. Bassie hails from the birthplace of Reggae, Jamaica, while Drummy hails from another reggae iconic location – St. Croix. The bands Guitarist is from Haiti, and Singer and Guitarist comes from the Turks and Caicos islands. Rounding out the sound is one keyboardist who hails from Spain and another Keysie from the United States. 1 Tribe Band brings the unity of Rastafari Roots Reggae music to the world!


Split Window is a large ensemble. Performing with as many as 12 musicians, the band is able to approach many genres. Split Window is known for upbeat, danceable music with a positive message and socially conscious lyrics. Split Window started in 2012 as a duo by Jodi Messa and Julian Daknis, and has since become the premier dance band of the Rockies.

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