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The Wrecklunds are a Denver based bluegrass band that mixes classic harmonies and driving rhythms to create a sound that’s both unique and familiar. It’s the fruit of a friendship between the four members that spans almost 20 years, multiple bands, and many late night, whiskey infused picking parties. Eric Drobny (bass/vocals) Mike Martin (fiddle) and Davis Vardaman (mandolin) cut their bluegrass teeth in the band “40 Gallon Still” while Bryan Eklund (guitar/vocals) honed his vocal chops in the Evergreen trio “Bobber Johnson and the Nightcrawlers”. Over the years they have continued to play together and separately in different combinations and in various styles. Now they have joined forces again to form their newest project – a fun-filled, rollicking ensemble that combines groove, soul and experimentation. They’re a wreck of a good time! If you have an opportunity to these guys we highly recommend the high energy and great music they give to the crowd at every show []

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