What to expect from a listing agent

There are a lot of real estate companies out there that claim to be “the best listing agents” around. Some of the real estate agents don’t even have websites or an online presents to properly market your listing. NAR (National Association of Realtors) has determined that over 90% of home buyers will find your home listed online and move forward with an offer on a home they original found online. This means that any real estate company that doesn’t market their listings for their agents online is not doing a service for their clients or for their listing agents. 

How Orson Hill Markets their real estate listings

All of the listing agents for Orson Hill Realty do their own marketing but as a company Orson Hill also pushes their agents listings to hundreds of sites across the internet. There are hundreds of sites in their network. From the major international sites for every listing then they push the listings out to a bunch of specialty sites depending on the niche of the property such as horse properties or luxury home listings. The only way to sell a home properly is to get it in front of the perspective market and buyer. Then as a result you will get more people coming through the home and get a much better sampling of the market and a better offer since you will get more market opinion. 

My listing agent says the best way to market our listing is an open house

There may have been a time that open homes may have been a somewhat effective way to market your home. Since the invention of the internet a very small portion homes are sold via open homes. Actually less than 5% of real estate listings sell from open homes. A dirty little secret most listing brokers won’t tell you is that the reason Realtors have open houses is to build their buyer database. So in other words the listing agent gathers names of people that might be in the market to buy a home but not likely to buy the home that they are looking at that is listed.

Advertising your listing in local papers

Some listing agents advertise in local papers with just listed ads. Once again not the most effective way to advertise a listing. This is once again more of an advertisement for the listing agent. Most people aren’t house shopping in the local paper anymore. Especially since they usually only have one picture of the listing and orsonhillrealty.com usually has at least 35 for any given listing.

Make sure your listing agent has an online presents

The best thing you can do is make sure the listing agent you hire knows how to market on the internet and has a large online presents. There are still national real estate companies out there that actually don’t push agents and brokers to push their listings online. It is not good for the client if their home isn’t seen by hundreds of people. Orson Hill Realty is one of the few high tech real estate companies out there. Their owner and employing broker has been marketing on the internet for almost 18 years.  

Listing Agents (Brokers)

Orson Hill Realty uses modern technology mixed with proven old school marketing to sell your home
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