Awesome (the dog) is the marketing face of Orson Hill Realty. The reason for this is the owner of the company isn’t a good looking guy. He realized early in life he has a face for radio. It didn’t take long for him to realize a cute dog get’s a better response in ads than he does. He would have used a talking lizard but that idea was already taken. Danny decided one day after posting a picture of Awesome (the dog) on his personal FaceBook page and the dog got more post likes than all of selfies combined. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 likes. This is when he decided to pimp out his puppy. It was time for Awesome (the dog) to earn his puppy treats.

How Awesome (the dog) Became Part of the Family

One Saturday morning Danny was sitting around with his 3 children. The kids said “Daddy can we get another dog?”. Danny has had dogs most of his life. So as a good dad his reply was “sure we can go to the shelter and look at dogs”. With absolutely no intentions of taking on the responsibly of another creature. It was already difficult for this single dad to juggle the kids, sports and working on opening Orson Hill Realty and working 95 hours a week. Well to make a long story short they left Foothills Animal Shelter that day with Awesome (the dog), a 5 lb bag of dog food and some crumbled up puppy treats.

Awesome (the dog) Quickly Climbed the Corporate Ladder

Awesome (the dog) started at the company like all employees. He was a grunt. We had him greeting customers, cleaning up scraps that fell on the floor in the break room. He continued to prove himself with his high energy and dedication and loyalty. He started doing marketing for the company and was involved in almost aspects of decision making. He was in every meeting and his input was greatly appreciated and taken seriously. He worked his way up the ladder within the first year with the company. He became VP of marketing and has held that position since.

He’s a Good Boy

You can find Awesome (the dog) at the office about 80 hours a week. He is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. When he is not working you can find him with his family at a soccer game or school event. He is a permanent fixture around town. He has his own Facebook page.

Evergreen Dog for Mayor
Evergreen Mayor
Awesome (the dog)
Honorary Evergreen Mayor
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