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Xcel Energy                         800-895-4999

IREA                                    800-332-9540

Natural Gas

Colorado Natural Gas          303-979-7680

Xcel Energy                         800-895-4999



AmeriGas                             303-674-3321

Bailey Propane Co               303-8385411

Ferrellgas                             303-838-4611

Independent Propane          303-838-9880

Global Propane, Dave           303-8382899  $1.60



Comcast                                800-266-2278

Direct TV                               888-866-3008

Dish Network                         888-825-2557

Century Link                         800-475-7526


Trash Removal

EDS Waste Solutions          303-278-8600

Evergreen Disposal             303-278-8600

Mountain View                     303-838-0560

Sunrise Disposal                 303-8387072



Bailey Water & Sanitation    303-838-8184

Brook Forest Water              303-674-9616

Evergreen Metro District       303-674-4112

Indian Water Hills                  303-697-8810

Kittridge Sanitation& Water   303-670-1827

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