🌟 Evergreen Fire/Rescue’s 2023 Chipping Extravaganza is Here! 🌟

Hey there, Evergreen Community! Ready to make your homes safer while keeping our environment clean? Our annual Chipping Program is back, and we’re here to help you create that essential defensible space around your homes. Let our dedicated EFR Fuels Crew handle the chipping while you focus on fire mitigation.

🔔 What’s Fresh in 2023? 🔔 When you hop on board for slash chipping, we’ll give you a specific time window for our visit. So, mark your calendars once you sign up! Ensure your piles are set and ready to go by the start of your service window.

🤔 Wondering When We’ll Swing By? 🤔 If our crew hasn’t shown up during your allotted time, don’t fret! Drop us a line at chipping@evergreenfirerescue.com, and we’ll update you on any delays or issues.

Evergreen Fire Department Mitigation EFR

🌲 Pile Prep 101: 🌲

  • Stack ’em up before your service window.
  • Keep those piles neat! No bags or ropes, please.
  • Big cut ends of branches? Face them towards the road.
  • Place piles within 5 feet of the road, but steer clear of the road and ditches.
  • Size matters! Keep piles at 5′ x 5′ x 5′. We’ll chip all piles when we visit.
  • Once we’re done, tidy up any leftovers.
  • Keep your piles separate from your neighbors.
  • Machine-made piles? Sorry, we can’t chip those.

💰 Chipping Fees: 💰

  • $100 gets you chipping for five 5’x5’x5′ piles.
  • We operate in sets of five piles.

What We Can’t Chip:

  • Building materials, treated lumber, fence posts, or signs.
  • Root wads, juniper shrubs, stumps, dirt, or rocks.
  • Grass clippings, trash, weeds, bags of leaves, or rotten wood.
  • Trunks over six inches in diameter.
  • While we don’t accept tips, donations to EFR’s Wildland Fuels Group are always appreciated!

🖱️ Join the Chipping Movement! 🖱️ Eager to get started? Sign up here. But hurry, slots are limited to 300 sign-ups!

🙌 A Big Thank You! 🙌 Your support keeps this program alive and thriving. Remember, our crew will only pass through each area once during the service window, so be ready! Let’s chip in for a safer Evergreen! 🍃🔥🏡