It seems some states having closing dates that seem to be more of a suggestion than a hard date. Here in Colorado, the closing date is very firm. Agents, buyers, sellers and lenders should do everything they possibly can to close on that date. It may be extended as long as ALL parties agree. 
The closing date is one of the most important dates on a contract. Most sellers want a faster close. As close to 30 days is pretty standard in the current market and conditions. Some lenders are doing their best to approve loans even faster. Some are doing it in 2-3 weeks to help buyers write offers stronger that are based on loan contingencies. That is how important a closing date is in Colorado. 
To make a strong offer be sure to keep your closing at around 30 days or less. Sometimes a seller wants a longer but recently they have been looking for an early close with a leaseback for 30-60. In a seller’s market, they can get that on almost every offer.

Contract Dates and Deadlines - Colorado Real Estate