The Floyd Hill Development project is another building proposal to add more homes to the Evergreen area. There has been a great deal of buzz around the Floyd Hill Development from people for and against the expansion and rezoning of the the lots. The proposal to rezone the lots is asking for approval of about 400 new residential units and some retail space as well. The homes will be built on what they call the meadow down by the school. There are arguments from neighbors regarding water and population density. These have been common arguments since they started developing land in the west for years.

Who is the Developer on the the Floyd Hill Floyd Hill Development Development?

The developer is Brian Roberts, a local Evergreen real estate developer from Roberts Real Estate and Development. Just like most Realtors in the Denver Foothills, Roberts is concerned about the lack of active listings and homes in the Evergreen and surrounding areas. Roberts proposal is to develop two lots with about 400 residential single family residents. The first lot is already zoned for retail and apartment structures. The second lot is only zoned for one residential structure and that’s it.

The zoning on one of the lots is c-1 (commercial)

The one thing that many residents don’t understand is that the developers on this project and the Evergreen Tennis Bubble Development are trying to make residential and single family dwellings. They are already able to build commercial buildings on these lots. The people that oppose these projects don’t understand the impact commercial properties will have on the value of their homes and the impact the traffic will have on the area much more than any residential development could have. The type of buildings permitted  on c-1 zoning properties are far more intrusive and an eye sore than any residential development I have ever seen. Most people would much rather have another house next door than a bar or Jiffy Lube.

 We need more residential units and we need them now

The Evergreen and Denver Foothills have been short inventory for a couple years now. The area is having a very hard time meeting seller’s needs for homes. It is hard for any business to find employees to work at local businesses. This has happened in many areas in the US. The market prices any normal working class person out of the area. It is hard for anyone to find places to buy or rent. Not many people will want to work in evergreen and live 2 hours away. More and more people are being priced out of the market and we will eventually see businesses shutting down because they won’t be able to find employees. Just last Friday a local restaurant (not going to mention any names because it is one of my favorite places in town) had to shut down at 5:30 because they are short staff. The waitress said they were hiring all positions and can’t find anyone to work. If you see businesses shutting down tax revenue will go down and the only way the county can make it up is by raising property taxes. No one wants that to happen.

Orson Hill Realty supports development projects like the Floyd Hill Development as long as it is done for the better of the community and it seems like the Floyd Hill Project is being done in the best interest of the community.

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