I will start out with the straight-up facts. You do not know as much about real estate as you think you do. Don’t be offended. I most likely don’t know how to do your job either. The transaction and legal challenges in every transaction is more complex than you know. HGTV and Zillow do not give you the education even the worst Realtor has. 

It is not worth the time, the money you may lose and the legal challenges that loom even way past the close of the transaction.  

For Sale by Owner

Why You Souldn't Sell Your Home For Sale By Owner

1. Difficult to properly price a home: Prospective FSBO sellers are often unaware of the legal standards and procedures required when pricing a property, which can lead to significant financial losses if not done correctly.
2. Time consuming process: Selling your own home requires significant time investment from researching comparables in the area, creating marketing campaigns for potential buyers and organizing viewings; all tasks that would normally be carried out by an experienced real estate agent for those who don’t wish to do it themselves.
3. Minimal exposure compared with listing with agents: There is no one centralised platform used by For Sale By Owner (FSBO) vendors meaning they need to rely on their own resources in order advertise properties as widely as possible through alternative channels such as social media or classified ads sites – something which is difficult when competing against professional agents already established on multiple sources of exposure simultaneously 4 Missing essential paperwork/contracts : Other than simply advertising the property and showing prospective buyers around there are various other important documents involved in selling a house that must be completed accurately otherwise any sale could fall through due diligence stage or worse still leave you open legally 5 Poor Negotiating skills : Without adequate knowledge about prices being offered for similar homes within your local housing market , you may find yourself struggling at negotiation stages . This will ultimately resultin poor deals / lower sale prices .
1. It can be time consuming and stressful to manage the sale process on your own.
2. You may not have access to professional marketing tools and resources, which could make it more difficult to get a good price for your home or even find buyers at all.
3. You may lack in-depth knowledge of real estate market conditions, making it harder for you to accurately set an appropriate listing price that will attract buyers without leaving money on the table during negotiations
4. Without help from a realtor who is familiar with local market trends, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get top dollar when selling your property as FSBO — especially if the buyer has representation from their own agent or lawyer present in negotiations
5 .You don’t have any legal protection if something goes wrong after signing a contract; if necessary, pursuing legal action against a buyer could be costly

For sale by owner (FSBO)

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