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The age old dilemma for a real estate agent is “should we stage this vacant home?” There are many levels of home staging and to say “yes” right off the bat is not really feasible. The easiest and most inexpensive way to stage is having a designer come in to the home and tell the seller what they should do to prepare their home for buyers to be more appealed to. Some staging companies have a 2 or 3 month minimum rental. The Denver Foothills area staging costs between $2,500 to $6,000 per month.

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Uncovering the Mystery: The Ultimate Home Staging Debate

When it comes to selling a home, real estate agents are faced with the age-old question: “Should we stage this vacant home?” With countless statistics published by staging companies claiming that staged homes sell faster and for more money, it can be tough to determine the real impact of home staging. While some may argue that they’ve seen many homes sell within just a few weeks, even without furniture or basic fixtures, the value of home staging cannot be denied.

A Cost-Effective Solution: The Staging Consult

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to stage a home is through a staging consult. This involves bringing in a professional designer to give the seller advice on how to prepare their home for prospective buyers. Using the seller’s existing furniture, the designer will declutter and rearrange the space to make it more appealing. Not only is this option more affordable, as the seller is using their own furniture, but it can also have a greater impact than just a real estate agent giving advice, as the seller is more likely to take the advice of a professional.

The Ultimate Investment: Staging a Vacant Home

However, when it comes to staging a completely vacant home, things can get expensive. According to a survey conducted among the largest Facebook real estate group in the country, costs can range from $2,500 to $6,000 per month, with some staging companies requiring a minimum of 2-3 months. This includes the original consult, renting and moving in the furniture, arranging it, and moving it out when the home is sold. While this may seem like a hefty investment, it’s important to consider the intangible benefits that home staging can bring.

Alexa Interiors

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Alexa Interiors offers decorating, design and project management services tailored to meet the
individual needs of each client and perfectly enhance each space. We focus on timeless and elegant finishes, furnishings and décor as well as interior detailing, renovations and new construction. Working seamlessly with architects, builders, trades and craftspeople, each project is approached with a keen eye for the details that create beautiful and highly functional interiors. Our passion for design is based on our relationships with our clients. We take the time to listen, to learn what inspires them, how they live and what they need to turn their dreams into reality. Website

Pineapple Interiors

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Whether you are looking to stage a vacant or occupied home, need furnishings for a corporate relocation, or are simply adding a few pieces to complete your home or design project, we can get you what you need, when you need it. Pineapple Interiors carries the most current styles in everything needed for every room. Our extensive inventory includes furniture, area rugs, artwork, lighting, greenery and accessories. We will work within your Home Staging budget while still making your home warm, comfortable and inviting. We work with realtors, homeowners and builders and offer all levels of home staging and design. Our services include vacant home staging, occupied homes and home staging consultations. We are conveniently located near I-25 and Evans in Denver, Colorado. Website

Staging Denver

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Staging Denver provides a consultation service for homeowners who are living in their home while on the market. This is approximately a two-hour meeting where we walk through your home and offer ideas and assistance in preparing your home to look its best for potential buyers. We offer advice on organizational and cleaning questions, needed repairs, furniture rearranging, and prepare you and your home for showings.
Redesign is exactly what you need to refresh your home’s look for an affordable price. Our design team creates custom design plans with the pieces you already own to help make your home show its best. Whether you have a party planned, family coming for a visit, or just need to refresh your look, redesign is a smart and savvy solution to your design needs. Website

Artemis Interior

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Let our team of artists turn your home into a composition that is designed to entice buyers from the internet to your front door.  We use color, space, texture and spatial relationships to enhance the best features of your house. We turn your space into a work of art, creating that instant of desire — the WOW moment that sells YOUR house!
We will Refine your Retreat. Our homes are where we spend the majority of our lives, they should feel amazing! We help people get ready to sell their homes, fix rooms that aren’t right, and find peace and balance with their spaces. Denver is such a great place to live, we enjoy bringing the dynamic nature of this city into interiors. We stage, we redesign, and we help with color. If you’re a realtor or a seller, we can help you attract the right buyers and sell your home faster. Call us, we want to help! Website

Acute Designer

Acute Designer, is dedicated to one simple idea of bringing life to the homes of our neighbors and welcoming new neighbors to start fresh in their homes. So we set out to create a smart, accessible, and personal service that works whether you are accessorizing a room, selling a house, redesigning a space or designing a home from the ground up. Since we have close relationships with local companies, we have a unique ability to provide integrated services to bring one big idea to completion. When it comes to selling your house in a competitive market, Acute Designer gives your home the edge it needs to stand out in the crowd. In fact, most of the homes we have staged, go under contract between 2-5 days on the market!! Whether you need to bring life to an empty shell or you need help working with what you already have, we’ve got you covered. We offer multiple package prices based off how much or how little you would like staged in your vacant home. Contact us for more details! Website

Blue Door Staging

We pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We strongly believe in giving our absolute best in all of our projects no matter how big or small. We are experts in our trade and will always keep you educated on your particular task or project. We look forward to earning your business!

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Home Staging Statistics When Selling – Is it Worth it?

The age old dilemma for a real estate agent. “should we stage this vacant home?” There are plenty of statistics (published by Staging 

companies of course) saying staged homes sell faster and for more money. Not sure if I believe all the statistics since I have seen many homes sell in out market over the last few years in less that 2 weeks that were vacant with no furniture. They didn’t even have shower

curtains in some and they sold in 3 days above list price. There are many levels of staging and to say “yes” right off the bat is not really feasible. The easiest and most inexpensive way to stage, that as a real estate agent, I would not only say “yes” to but I would gladly pay is the staging consult. That is having a designer come in to the home and tell the seller what they should do to prepare their home for buyers to be more appealed to the home. It is an easy thing, usually takes a couple hours, the stager uses the sellers furniture. That is the key for this type of staging, it is basically a staging company coming in and arranging and decluttering for the sellers. This type of staging works out great since it is an actual professional telling the sellers they need to de-clutter more and how to set up the furniture. Sometimes that has a little more impact than just a Realtor advising the seller of this. The other reason this type of staging is feasible is that the seller is providing furniture and it doesn’t need to be rented from the stager. The consult usually only cost a few hundred dollars and as real estate agent I would gladly flip the bill for that one.

Home Staging or Not to Stage – A Vacant Home – That is the Question

Now this is where things get very pricey. When the choice of staging needs to be taken into to consideration.  When it isn’t as much of a “no-brainer”. As the member of one of the largest Facebook real estate groups in the country I posed this question about staging to the community and was kind of shocked by the response. This group is composed of real estate agents from all over the country. Many different markets and price points. It seems that the market I am in costs over twice as much to stage a vacant home. Remember though a vacant home needs the original consult, renting the furniture as well as moving it in, arranging it and then moving it out when the home is sold. The quotes I was getting in the Denver Foothills area was between $2,500 to $6,000 per month. Some staging companies have a 2 or 3 month minimum rental. Keep in mind this was not a very large home. The home was under 3,000′ Sq and 3 bedroom. That is a very large chunk of change and a pretty heavy investment to make for something that is intangible and unable to measure the true impact it actually has on buyers…..[Read More]

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