The term “luxury homes” or “luxury real estate” is a bit of relative term. Depending on where you are in the country or world it depends on your market on what kind of fixtures and home you can get for your money. With the recent rise in property value in Colorado the term luxury is costing more and more. In some parts of the country $1,000,000 can buy you a huge sprawling mansion. Unfortunately that is no longer the case in most parts of Colorado and especially the luxury market in the Denver area and the Denver Foothills.

In most of Colorado most $1,000,000 homes are the starting point in the luxury price point. Not saying $1,000,000 can’t get you a beautiful home, it just won’t buy the same thing it will in some parts of the country. 

Cherry Hills Village Luxury Listings For Sale

Cherry Hills Village is a wonderful luxury community just outside of Denver. It is located close to everything and is one of the most expensive home value areas in Colorado as well as the entire country. It is where everyone who is anyone that lives in Colorado lives. From Denver Bronco players to local personalities. 

Cherry Hills Village is also home to one of the best country clubs and golf courses in the area. It is a must see area for the folks that want to live in Colorado and be close to the mountains, skiing and hiking and still be living close to the city for work or for play.

At this time the prices for listings in Cherry Hills Village are between $1.5 Mil and $22 Mil. 

For more information on listings in Cherry Hills Village or anywhere in the area please contact Orson Hill Realty and set up a showing for a time that is convenient for you!  

Evergreen Luxury Listings For sale

Evergreen, CO is a wonderful little town. It is the ideal location for anyone that is moving to Colorado for everything that Colorado has to offer. Evergreen will always be a desirable area. Just over an hour for access to world class skiing, about 30 minutes to Denver and the bigger cites.

Evergreen has always been a very desirable area that was once a well kept secret. Now that more and more of the city is pushing out, Evergreen has become an area that homes only stay on the market for a couple of days before being snatched up. 

There is a ton of stuff to do in Evergreen for all ages. There is skating, fishing and paddle boarding at Evergreen Lake along with concerts in the summer. There are parks and open space throughout the area and plenty of restaurants and bars for the nightlife.

Evergreen is also where Orson Hill realty headquarters are so we are a the biggest cheerleaders for our hometown.

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