Real Estate Agent Market Update – Evergreen – Golden – Denver Foothills

The chart of the entire Denver MLS below tells us the same story the real estate market has told for a few years now. Real estate agents across the state has seen a crazy sell off over the last week. The market is still leaning a bit towards the seller’s side. The market is still very healthy and seems to be holding value and the sellers seem to be seeing an easy sell. Buyers are not being pushed around too much as you can see by the number of price deceases across the entire MLS. There was a time that you saw very little need for sellers to adjust the price of their listing. There was such a furry of selling that the sellers could pretty much set their price and sit back and wait for the offers to roll in. Those days are pretty much gone but it is still pretty easy to sell a home anywhere in Colorado in a short amount of time.

ENTIRE Denver MLS Stats 9/16/19 - 9/23/19

Evergreen, CO

Evergreen, CO real estate has been wild for the last 5 years. Unlike the rest of the Colorado market Evergreen holds a high amount of desirability for people moving to Colorado. The best things about the area are that it is a small town feel and close to Denver and the ski resorts. With Evergreen’s central location to everything people love about Colorado the demand for homes in this mountain town have always been higher than supply (at least in the last 5 years). The chart below tells real estate agents and the market that Evergreen is still selling more homes than are being listed. The one interesting stat is the price decreases again. This is the last ditch effort of sellers to sell the home before our summer selling season comes to an end. It is also an indication sellers might still be testing the market to see what they can get away with.

Evergreen MLS Stats 9/16/19 - 9/23/19

Golden, CO

Golden, CO is one of the coolest areas in the Denver Foothills. For such a large area the market has not seen too much selling in Golden. With the fun downtown area and nightlife in Golden and the great restaurants by the river, Golden is just a fun place to live. The market is seeing the same pattern as the overall MLS. Although we are seeing a lot more price decreases and more new listings than sold. This is a good sign for buyers. This may mean that real switch in market movement many have been hoping for. Sellers can’t be too upset as the market has appreciated so much in the last 5 years that a little market correction can’t really hurt their bottom line too much. It will be nice to see buyers gain a little control in Golden.

Golden MLS Stats 9/16/19 - 9/23/19

Denver, CO

Denver, CO (Denver Metro area) is starting to see a balanced market as well. With a large amount of price corrections and as many new listings as sold we are seeing the same story in the metro area. The real estate market is seeing a nice balance. Balance is good for buyers and sellers. As anyone that follows the stock market or any other trade able commodity knows it is not in the best interest of most (the ones that sell at the right time make out great) to create a bubble. Not saying we have a bubble but there was a risk at one point. Nothing can continue to go up at a crazy rate and sustain those values. Then when their is a correction the correction is much greater. The values seem to be holding well and there is no sign of a bubble or a major correction. Just a leveling of the market.

Denver MLS Stats 9/16/19 - 9/23/19

The overall real estate market looks healthy to this old real estate agent

Although all the years I have been in the real estate business across the country (including Florida in 2007) I have never seen such a consistent and solid growth. Now the market seems to be gently finding its level playing field. Not a correction but the nice gently buyer and seller playing field. It is always nice to see one side gain advantage without a major correction.

Who is the Closing Agent in Real Estate?2023-08-20T20:07:50-06:00
Closing Agent
Closing Agent

Who Is the Closing Agent in Real Estate?

Who Is the Closing Agent in Real Estate?

The process of buying or selling a home involves several intricate steps, and one of the most vital stages is the closing. At this juncture, the closing agent plays a pivotal role. But who exactly is the closing agent, and what do they do? Let’s delve into the responsibilities and importance of the closing agent in real estate.

What Is a Closing Agent?

A closing agent, also known as a settlement agent or escrow officer, is a professional responsible for coordinating and facilitating the final steps of a real estate transaction. They ensure that all documents are in order, funds are appropriately distributed, and the property is legally transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Responsibilities of a Closing Agent

  1. Preparing Closing Documents: The closing agent prepares all necessary documents, including the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, deed, and mortgage note.

  2. Coordinating with Parties: They liaise with buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  3. Managing Escrow Funds: The closing agent holds and manages funds in an escrow account until the transaction is finalized.

  4. Conducting the Closing Meeting: They oversee the closing meeting, ensuring all parties understand and sign the required documents.

  5. Recording the Deed: After closing, the agent ensures that the deed is recorded with the appropriate local authorities, officially transferring ownership.

  6. Disbursing Funds: Finally, the closing agent disburses funds to the seller, real estate agents, and other service providers involved in the transaction.

Who Can Be a Closing Agent?

Closing agents can be:

  • Title Companies: Often, a title company acts as the closing agent, ensuring that the title is clear and handling the closing process.
  • Real Estate Attorneys: In some states, a real estate attorney may serve as the closing agent, particularly in complex transactions.
  • Escrow Companies: Specialized escrow companies can also act as closing agents, managing funds and documents.

Closing Agents in Colorado and Florida

The role of the closing agent may vary slightly by state. In Colorado, where Orson Hill Realty operates, title companies commonly act as closing agents. In Florida, where Platinum Real Estate serves clients, both title companies and real estate attorneys can fulfill this role.

Who is the Closer?

The closing agent is a linchpin in the real estate transaction process, ensuring that all legal and financial aspects are handled with precision and care. Their expertise ensures a smooth transition of property ownership, providing peace of mind to both buyers and sellers.

Whether you’re buying a mountain retreat in Evergreen, Colorado, or a beachfront property on Marco Island, Florida, understanding the role of the closing agent can demystify the closing process and make your real estate journey more enjoyable and stress-free.

For more insights into real estate transactions and professional guidance, feel free to explore Orson Hill Realty for Colorado properties and Platinum Real Estate for Florida real estate

What is the real estate market like in Colorado?2023-07-18T14:12:37-06:00

What is the real estate market like in Colorado?

The real estate market in Colorado has seen significant growth over the past few years. This growth is driven by a variety of factors, including the state’s strong economy, attractive lifestyle, and the influx of people moving from other states.

The market is competitive, with high demand for homes, especially in popular areas like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Prices have been increasing, but they can vary widely depending on the location and type of property. It’s always recommended to work with a local real estate agent who understands the market dynamics and can guide you through the buying or selling process.

What does a real estate agent do?2023-07-18T14:07:43-06:00

What does a real estate agent do?

The question of what a real estate agent does can be answered by looking at their role in the property buying and selling process. A real estate agent assists buyers and sellers in making the best possible decisions. They have a deep understanding of the market and can provide valuable advice, from pricing a property for sale to negotiating a purchase price.

Beyond providing advice, a real estate agent also markets properties, negotiates deals, and guides clients through the buying or selling process. They handle all the paperwork, coordinate with other professionals involved in the transaction such as lawyers and home inspectors, and ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Their goal is to make the process of buying or selling a home as stress-free as possible for their clients.

Is Evergreen, Colorado a good place to invest in real estate?2023-05-31T18:57:26-06:00

Evergreen, Colorado, is considered a good place to invest in real estate for several reasons. Firstly, the area has seen consistent growth in property values over the years, making it a potentially profitable investment. Secondly, Evergreen’s desirable location, with its natural beauty and proximity to Denver, makes it attractive to a wide range of buyers.

Additionally, Evergreen has a strong rental market, which could provide a steady income stream for real estate investors. However, like any investment, buying real estate in Evergreen comes with risks, and it’s important to do thorough research and consider your financial situation and investment goals before making a decision. Consulting with a real estate professional or financial advisor can also provide valuable insights and guidance.

Evergreen Rodeo
What is the average home price in Evergreen, Colorado?2023-05-31T18:51:09-06:00

The average home price in Evergreen, Colorado, varies depending on the neighborhood, home size, and other factors. However, as of the last few years, the average home price has been increasing due to the high demand and limited supply. It’s important to note that while some homes can be found in the lower price range, luxury homes in desirable neighborhoods can significantly drive up the average.

Keep in mind that these prices can fluctuate based on market conditions. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to consult with a local real estate agent or use online real estate platforms that provide real-time data. These resources can give you a better understanding of the current market trends and help you make an informed decision.

Homes for Sale Evergreen Colorado
Homes for Sale Evergreen Colorado
What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Colorado?2022-12-06T12:46:24-07:00
Weather Evergreen Colorado
Pros and Cons of Living in Colorado

1. Abundant Outdoor Activities: Colorado is home to some of the best ski resorts, mountain biking trails and hiking paths in the United States.
2. Great Climate: The state has a warm and moderate climate all year long with over 300 days of sunshine annually.
3. Low Crime Rate: Colorado generally has lower crime rates than other states in the US, making it an attractive place to live for safety-conscious families or individuals
4. High Quality Education System :Colorado offers several excellent public school systems as well as highly-ranked universities like University of Denver, University of Colorado Boulder and many more that are accessible even to those who cannot afford tuition fees due to its variety financial aid programs available .
5. Affordable Living Costs : Compared with other states such as New York or California, living costs in Colorado can be quite a bit more affordable depending on your location within the state’
1. Weather Extremes: Colorado’s weather can be quite extreme, with frigid winters and scorching summers that create an uncomfortable environment to live in.
2. Cost of Living: The cost of living in Colorado is high, especially for those looking to buy a home or rent an apartment within the state’s major cities such as Denver and Boulder.
3. Lack of Diversity : While there is some diversity among the states population it remains mostly homogeneous when compared to other regions across America meaning that individuals who come from varied backgrounds may not find the same level of acceptance here that they would elsewhere .
4. Crime Rates : Major metropolitan areas like Denver have been seeing upticks in crime rates over recent years which has caused certain neighborhoods within their borders to become unsafe for residents .
5 . Air Quality Issues : The air quality throughout many parts of Colorado suffers due largely to its mountainous terrain traps pollutants making it difficult for them escape thus posing health risks on unsuspecting citizens

What is the Highest Mountain Peak in Colorado?2022-12-03T15:20:45-07:00
Mount Elbert

Mt. Elbert

Have you ever wondered what the highest mountain or peak in Colorado is? Well, the answer is Mount Elbert. Mount Elbert stands tall at 14,440 feet and is the highest peak in Colorado, as well as the entire Rocky Mountain range. It’s located in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, about 12 miles south of Leadville. It’s the second highest peak in the United States and the highest peak in the contiguous United States (not counting Alaska). The mountain was named after Samuel Hitt Elbert, who was the first Governor of Colorado in the late 1800s. Mount Elbert has been a popular destination for climbers for many years, and it’s a great way to experience the beauty of Colorado’s mountains. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just a casual hiker, Mount Elbert is a great place to visit and explore. So if you’re ever in Colorado, be sure to take a detour and check out the highest mountain in the state!

Mount Elbert is only an hour or two from Evergreen, Colorado and the rest of the Denver Foothills.

What is Golden Colorado Famous for?2022-12-03T15:04:57-07:00
Golden Hotel Golden, CO
Downtown Golden Colorado

What is Golden, Colorado famous for? This small city is a haven for outdoor adventure, and it offers something for everyone. From its breathtaking Rocky Mountains to its unique museums, Golden has something to offer everyone. And of course, it’s also home to the world-renowned Coors Brewery, the largest single-site brewery in the world.

Golden is also a great destination for hiking, biking, and camping. With its beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, visitors can explore trails, lakes, and canyons. And with its many ski resorts, Golden is the perfect place to hit the slopes.

Golden is also home to unique museums, like the Colorado Railroad Museum and the American Mountaineering Museum. These museums showcase the history of the area, from the railroad to the mountaineering industry.

From its stunning scenery to its rich history, Golden Colorado is a great place to visit and make memories. Whether you’re an adventurer seeking thrills or just looking for a peaceful escape, Golden has something for everyone.

What is it Like Living in Evergreen CO?2021-09-08T13:21:56-06:00

The Best Reasons To Live in Evergreen CO: Why So Many People Want to Live There

The Best Reasons To Live in Evergreen CO: Why So Many People Want to Live There. Evergreen Colorado is little mountain town located in the Denver Foothills. Just west of Denver and East of the mountains, Evergreen is the best place to live in the rocky mountains and Denver Foothills. Located near everything and full of wildlife, Evergreen CO is a vacation and living destination.

Why live in Evergreen?

Lifestyle Located in the Denver Foothills, you can get from here to the Rocky Mountains in just a few hours. Beautiful outdoor activities can be found all year long. For those who enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, hiking, river rafting, horseback riding, and fishing, Evergreen has got you covered. Evergreen has a lot to offer so there is always something to do here. Just keep in mind that the mountain weather can be a little unpredictable. Wildlife Evergreen is surrounded by wildlife. There are miles and miles of hiking, biking, and mountain biking trails that go through the mountains around Evergreen.

Evergreen CO

The best reasons to live in Evergreen

Golden Triangle Evergreen Colorado is situated on the Western slopes of the Rocky Mountains, which creates a gorgeous place for a mountain town. However, Evergreen offers a little bit of everything when it comes to activities: o The Golden Triangle and South Park are the best places to go on a hiking or mountain biking adventure. o Summer activities include the o Horseback riding – one of the best places to go in the summer o West Park – take a day to sit on a hill top and watch the sun set behind Lake Dillon and the Rocky Mountains o Take a vacation in the area and visit our local ski area, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area, when the snow is strong. The Mile High City Evergreen Colorado is situated just a little bit southwest of Denver, a mile above sea level.

What you need to know about living in Evergreen

Here are some of the best reasons to live in Evergreen CO: The price of homes is reasonable. Evergreen is home to a wide variety of homes and properties. As a result, the price of a home varies by location and floorplan. If you’re looking for something affordable, check out our Evergreen real estate listings We have a local wildlife park. Our own Front Range Wildlife Park is perfect for those who love to see and photograph wildlife up close. The whole family will enjoy it. If you’re in the market for a pet or are looking to purchase a home, you might consider a place in the wildlife park Evergreen has convenient access to Denver. Evergreen is about 25 minutes from downtown Denver. If you want to live in the middle of the action, then it’s hard to find a better option.

Finding a home in Evergreen CO

A newcomer to Evergreen CO must find a house before he can make any other arrangements. The only exceptions are workers who make a great deal of money. There are no public or private housing assistance here for the poor and homeless. People in Evergreen are usually the happiest people in the state because of the small town life. We have survived the terrible Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies sports teams but find them entertaining. Other than that, not much happens here. There is little need to drive to Denver to do shopping or for entertainment. The weather in Evergreen CO Evergreen is a pretty place in the summer but in winter can be the coldest place in Colorado. There is a high elevation and climate change on a regular basis.

What’s the Weather Like in Evergreen CO?

Evergreen is definitely not as cold as you would expect to live in the mountains. While it will certainly get cold in the winter, the winters are not very long. The summer is beautiful in Evergreen. While it is still cold, it’s not the brutal winters you might expect. Evergreen gets snow almost every month during the winter. Every year the temperatures fluctuate, and sometimes they drop below freezing, but it’s nothing that you would consider anything other than normal. Environmentally friendly and historic, Evergreen is a vibrant place to live. Families from all over come to see what all the fuss is about. Evergreen is a very safe place, the crime rate is low and the kids are safe here.

How Hot and Cold Does It Get in Evergreen CO?

Did you know that Evergreen Colorado has an average year round temperature of 67.4 degrees? The average temperature in Evergreen is 65 degrees. This is where you want to live when you want to escape the cold weather and go camping or fishing. The average temperature from December through April is 54 degrees. However, it can get as low as 23 degrees in the winter. The average temperature from May to September is 77 degrees. Having a lot of natural beauty and great outdoor recreation, Evergreen is a prime place to live. Evergreen is a community full of hippies and people of all types. Having beautiful mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, and hiking trails around you all the time, can make you a very happy person.

What Kind of Wildlife Can You Find in Evergreen CO?

Owls are just one of the wildlife animals that live in Evergreen Colorado. In the mountains and foothills, owls can be seen in many different shapes and sizes. With nearly perfect weather year round, Evergreen CO provides the perfect climate for wildlife to thrive. There are wild animals like coyotes, hawks, foxes, elk, raccoons, otters and many more animals to spot in the state of Colorado. Evergreen CO Is Great for People Who Love Winter Sports Evergreen CO is the perfect destination for snow-lovers and skiers. And with many of the state’s ski resorts just a few miles from the town, Evergreen is the perfect vacation spot for skiers. Although winter is when many people travel to Colorado to visit the mountains, Evergreen is actually the perfect place for skiers year round.

What Do People Do for Fun In Evergreen CO?

Evergreen is a hot spot for outdoor activities, and the city features various playgrounds, hiking trails, an indoor ice skating rink, a outdoor sports park, sledding hills, and various rock climbing routes to explore. There is also a ropes course that was built in 2011. These fun activities combined with Evergreen CO’s relative affordability make it an ideal place for families with young children. Which is Better for Families: Seattle, Washington or Evergreen, Colorado? The Seattle, Washington area is home to a vibrant city life, and is well-known as the top spot for retirees and young professionals. But for families, there are many travel benefits to living in the Evergreen, Colorado area as compared to Seattle. For more information on where to live in Evergreen CO.

Why Live in Evergreen CO?

Be an Adventurer with Cable Backpacker: With cable backpacker, you will have everything you need to climb the mountains and wilderness areas. Having a great backpacker gear, you will be able to explore the wilderness of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Cable Backpacker: By renting hiking, biking and mountaineering equipment at your town’s trailhead, you will be able to explore a wide variety of the High Country. You can easily travel back and forth between home and your destination. If you do not have a car, use this free shuttle to get around town. Need a car in Denver or Evergreen, this is how you get around. You Will Love Outdoorsy As Much As My Family: Evergreen is a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts. It is a must-visit place if you are a lover of all outdoors.

What is the Average Home Value in Evergreen, Colorado?2021-05-31T16:36:11-06:00

The home values in all of Colorado is rising. Evergreen, Colorado home values are going through the roof. 

Close Price, Average Evergreen, Colorado Close Price – Home Value 
Month 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Jan $491,552 $755,368 $615,506 $536,948 $668,617 $644,580
Feb $463,168 $626,618 $761,377 $717,305 $773,839 $740,609
Mar $526,310 $594,321 $676,895 $577,131 $752,405 $896,203
Apr $536,466 $561,883 $699,935 $704,266 $715,426 $1,042,022
May $589,894 $619,328 $738,309 $602,969 $654,156  
Jun $526,976 $680,483 $599,077 $706,114 $708,665  
Jul $687,662 $649,207 $754,027 $711,911 $787,985  
Aug $563,818 $717,472 $636,972 $637,042 $690,520  
Sep $588,415 $564,486 $538,969 $618,989 $769,919  
Oct $485,903 $609,301 $622,529 $654,983 $788,262  
Nov $561,381 $607,125 $636,816 $608,189 $783,415  
Dec $513,975 $523,913 $587,705 $731,418 $842,430

Listing Agents

We have the best listing agents. We can list any home in Colorado. We specialize in luxury homes and horse properties but will work at any price point. We treat all clients the same. You get luxury service for any priced home. We sell your home fast and for the right price.

Buyer Agents

Our team of buyer agents for helping you find a home know the area. They are very experienced and know how to negotiate the best price for you based on the real estate market conditions. Sign up on our website for real time property alerts.

We Are High Tech

We are a high tech brokerage. We have multiple high traffic websites and market your home throughout the internet with digital marketing and on our websites. 90% of buyers find their home online. Our technology help our buyers and sellers call us to find out how!

How Aggressive Does My Offer Need to Be? How Can I Write a Competitive Offer?2021-06-02T15:24:30-06:00

As a buyer you need to write an extremely aggressive offer. It is a seller’s market right now like we have never seen. Your real estate agent will be happy to discuss your options. Orson Hill Realty has written some very creative and winning offers over the last 6 months of a very strong seller’s market. Most homes will have multiple offers. 

Making a Strong Offer

Listing Agents

We have the best listing agents. We can list any home in Colorado. We specialize in luxury homes and horse properties but will work at any price point. We treat all clients the same. You get luxury service for any priced home. We sell your home fast and for the right price.

Buyer Agents

Our team of buyer agents for helping you find a home know the area. They are very experienced and know how to negotiate the best price for you based on the real estate market conditions. Sign up on our website for real time property alerts.

We Are High Tech

We are a high tech brokerage. We have multiple high traffic websites and market your home throughout the internet with digital marketing and on our websites. 90% of buyers find their home online. Our technology help our buyers and sellers call us to find out how!

Who are the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO?2021-05-13T19:27:09-06:00

This might shock you since this is our website, but the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO (FOR YOU) might not be Orson Hill Realty. Although we do all 5-star reviews when this was written. Yes, you are on Orson Hill Realty’s page and for us to say that might seem odd. But It is true. As far as we are concerned we are the best real estate agents in Evergreen when it comes to everything technical regarding contracts and marketing and knowing the area But when picking a real estate agent it is important to choose someone you can work well with.  My mom once told me “Danny there is no way anyone wouldn’t like you”. I found out real fast that wasn’t the case. I think all adults know there are just some people that no matter what you can’t work with. That is one of the most important things when choosing the best real estate agent FOR YOU. I am smart enough to know that not everyone will like me. Most people do and I do great for 99.9% of the people buying or listing their home. You could possibly be the .01%. It is very important there is trust between you and your agent. If you don’t like or trust your agent there will be major problems.

We see it all the time. Someone refers their friend to an agent they just love and can’t stop talking about. Then you go and use that agent and you think they are a total baffoon. That is because you didn’t have the same chemistry and that is normal. The best thing to do is to talk to them. Get to know them and see if you can trust them, work well with them and if they know what they are doing.

We have a lot of great agents in Evergreen, CO and we still think we are the best but there might be .01% that think differently and we completely understand that and we still wish you the best even if you don’t use Orson Hill Realty…The BEST real estate agents in Evergreen, CO!

Who are the best real estate agents in Evergreen, CO?
Evergreen CO Real Estate
What is Evergreen, CO known for?2021-06-02T15:16:46-06:00

Evergreen, CO is known for a lot of things. From Evergreen Lake to our amazing weather. The one thing that most people relate to Evergreen is the Elk. Yep. We have a lot of Elk. All over Evergreen. They are amazing creatures and locals and tourists always take time to look at the elk when they are nearby. 
Our well-known neighbors just roam in herds of 20-100 elk and don’t seem to have a care in the world. The only time you will see a traffic jam in Evergreen is when elk are crossing the road. 
It is nice to be known for something as nice as elk. 
Come to Evergreen and see what we are known for up close…But not too close. Those elk get a little mean sometimes. 

Evergreen Colorado
Does Evergreen, CO Have Its Own Police Department?2021-04-28T12:10:36-06:00

Evergreen, CO does not have its own police department. Evergreen is unincorporated and depends on Jefferson County Sherrif and Colorado Troopers for support.
This will most likely not change in the near future. There have always been talks about it but it seems like a difficult journey to have. 

Is it a good time to buy a house in Denver?2021-04-28T12:10:44-06:00

It doesn’t matter the time of year or what the market is doing, people still ask “Is it a good time to buy a house in Denver?”. The answer is almost always YES. If you are buying for holding it for a bit. This may not be the best time to be a flipper since you are competing against 15 other offers. 
If you are planning to hold for a few years this is a great time to buy a home in Denver, CO

Is a Death on the Property a Material Fact in Colorado?2021-04-28T12:11:05-06:00

No a death in a home in Colorado is not a fact that needs to be disclosed to a buyer. It would be nice if they disclosed it but they are not required to do so. 

How Important is a Closing Date on a Contract?2021-04-28T11:17:53-06:00

It seems some states having closing dates that seem to be more of a suggestion than a hard date. Here in Colorado, the closing date is very firm. Agents, buyers, sellers and lenders should do everything they possibly can to close on that date. It may be extended as long as ALL parties agree. 
The closing date is one of the most important dates on a contract. Most sellers want a faster close. As close to 30 days is pretty standard in the current market and conditions. Some lenders are doing their best to approve loans even faster. Some are doing it in 2-3 weeks to help buyers write offers stronger that are based on loan contingencies. That is how important a closing date is in Colorado. 
To make a strong offer be sure to keep your closing at around 30 days or less. Sometimes a seller wants a longer but recently they have been looking for an early close with a leaseback for 30-60. In a seller’s market, they can get that on almost every offer.

Contract Dates and Deadlines - Colorado Real Estate
What is a Seller Leaseback/Post Occupancy Agreement2021-04-28T11:17:34-06:00

When a seller gets a leaseback it is (usually) between 3 days and 60 days. We are seeing a lot more seller leasebacks in this seller’s market. It is a legally binding lease and drawn up as a separate document from the purchase contract. Post occupancy agreements get very popular during a crazy seller’s market. 
It is a nice tool for sellers if they are trying to find a home in the area when inventory is low. Possession and close actual happen on closing date then the new buyer becomes the landlord of the seller.

What Contingencies are being Removed in Contracts in This Seller’s Market?2021-04-24T14:44:13-06:00

What Contingencies are Buyers Removing in Their Contracts in Colorado?

The buyers in Colorado are behaving the same way buyers all over the country are. Removing any contingency that will make their offer stronger by removing. Buyer agents are taking some pretty big risks all over the country. Basically, earnest money goes hard immediately these days. Buyers are removing all (most) of their “outs”. Call me for more details on how we will write a winning offer in a seller’s market. 303-503-8793

How Do I Write a Winning Offer in a Sellers Market?2021-03-15T20:53:56-06:00

Writing a winning offer in this crazy seller’s market not only takes a little luck but a lot of skill. There are a lot of little things that people do to make an offer stronger. A Colorado contract is 25 pages long and the price is only one line. It sometimes takes more than price to win an offer. You really need to hire a real estate agent that knows what they are doing. There are some agents that are really putting their buyers at risk just to win an offer. That does not need to be done and I would never do that to one of my clients. There is no reason to jeopardize a buyers earnest money or put them in the position that they can lose money after closing because the agent told them to win they need to forego inspections. 

A winning offer that makes the seller happy and doesn’t put the buyer at risk can be written by an experienced broker.

Can We Preview Homes During The Stay at Home Order?2021-04-24T14:07:32-06:00

UPDATE: 4-29-20
Showings may occur on vacant properties with restrictions depending on the county or city. WE ARE OPEN AND CONDUCTING NORMAL BUSINESS. Give us a call we can explain the buying and selling process through this Covid stay at home orders.

We are getting calls from spring buyers all day long. The all have the same question “Can we preview and look at and buy homes during the Covid-19 stay at home order?”.

The short answer is yes but it is a little complicated, you need to be flexible and you need to be very serious about buying a home. If you are just window shopping for next year just wait until the stay at home order is lifted. Our office is open and our real estate agents are working during the Covid-19 stay at home order.

Please call us at 303-503-8793 and we would be a happy to go over how we show home during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Should I List and Sell My Home During the Coronavirus Covid Outbreak?2021-04-24T14:15:08-06:00

The real estate market in Colorado hasn’t really seen a dip in too many indicators. One thing that we saw drop immediately was the number of showings nationwide. They are 1/2 of what they were last year this time. The one good thing we are seeing is listings come on the market. Although they are not hitting the market as fast as they normally would in this time of the year there is still new inventory everyday. Real estate is a lagging indicator of the overall economy. In 2008 we saw the housing market just collapse overnight. That is not the case here. Although the DOW has lost some value and that may get a few people out of the real estate market just do to qualifying. Read more about selling your home during Covid

What is a Variable Commission?2021-04-24T14:09:30-06:00

In a Colorado Contract for real estate a variable commission rate is self explanatory. Lets’s say the total commission rate is 6%. That is usually split as 3.2% for the listing agents and 2.8% for the buyer broker. If the listing agent also brings the buyer they must become a transaction broker. At that point the best real estate companies, like Orson Hill Realty will lower the commission rate for selling the home. They right in the contract that make their commission less or variable down to a total commission of something like 5%. The listing agent gets more than just being the listing agent and the seller saves some money. It is a win-win and Orson Hill Realty agents almost always take advantage of the variable commission.

What is There to Do in Evergreen, CO?2021-04-24T14:11:01-06:00

Evergreen, CO is a great little mountain town. If you are looking for things to do you can see events and festivals in Evergreen [here] and Golden. There are also great restaurants and bars to relax and see some great local music. Evergreen is a town you just need to experience to really get it. So come on and visit for a few days! let us know when you’re coming out!

Are the Denver Foothills Done Developing?2021-04-24T14:14:24-06:00

The short answer is no. The master plans for most areas like Jefferson and Clear Creek County filed decades ago show for more expansion in both residential as well as commercial. The are is still growing but not nearly as fast paced as years ago. With that being said the population density in most areas in these counties is incredibly low in comparison to other areas.

Should I Use a Local Lender for My Mortgage?2022-12-07T14:33:51-07:00

There are some areas that it is very important to use a local lender. Colorado properties are very unique. It is hard for some lenders to understand how mountain properties function. The banks don’t get wells and septic systems sometimes. It is important to have a lender that isn’t scared of unique properties so we recommend using a lender in the Denver Foothills or Denver when buying a mountain or rural property.

What is the Best Way to Market a Home for Sale?2021-04-24T14:20:16-06:00

Orson Hill Realty knows the key how to market a home that is for sale. The owner of Orson Hill Realty has an extensive marketing background and makes sure all listings are marketed to fullest extent. The only way to properly market a home in the new high world is obviously through high tech means. You need a touch of old school too but the majority of marketing needs to go into digital and done by a digital marketing expert.

What is a Pre Qualification letter?2021-04-24T14:21:34-06:00

A pre qualification or lender letter for a mortgage is basically a letter from a bank saying how much money you qualify for on your new home. It is a very easy process and very painless. It can be done in a 10 minute phone call or filling out an app on your lender’s website. They basically ask you a few questions about your income and then run your credit. The letter basically states if all the info you gave the bank is true, you will qualify for a specific amount. All sellers require a lender letter to be submitted with all offers.

What Are Contingencies in a Real Estate Contract?2021-04-24T14:22:57-06:00

There are almost countless possible contingencies in a real estate contract. For the sake of the answer to this FAQ we will talk about the most common ones. They can be consider “what ifs” for lack of a better explanation. For example one of the most common is a contingency on selling another property. So if the bank requires you to sell your current home to qualify for a loan the sale of your original home is contingent on selling your home. If this does not happen and if you terminate your contract within the contingency date of expiration you will receive your earnest money back. Keep in mind most contingencies within the contract have different dates you must act by.

What is the Average Home Sale Price in Denver, CO?2020-03-09T19:34:40-06:00

What is the average home sale price in Denver, CO?

The average home sale price in Denver, CO has been very steadily rising over the past 5 years. At the moment the last 12 month average is around $550,000. Home values have increased considerably and still rising.

Average home sale price Denver CO
What is the Average Home Price in Evergreen, CO2020-03-09T19:23:55-06:00

What is the average home sale price in Evergreen, CO?

The average home value and home sale price in Evergreen, CO is like all real estate market and it goes up and down. The average price over the last 12 months is around $700,000.

The home sale prices have continued to rise for 6 years now. It doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

Average home sale price Evergreen, CO
Who is the Best Real Estate Agent is Evergreen CO?2021-03-15T20:23:09-06:00

For buyers and sellers looking for the best real estate agent in Evergreen, CO they should contact Orson Hill Realty. They are the most high tech real estate company in the area. When some agents are struggling to turn on their iphone Orson Hill Realty is using all the high tech options to sell your home and help you find new listings in real time. After all you did find this website. Imagine how many other people are on this site from buyers to sellers looking for homes.

Does the Buyer Always Get Their Earnest Money Back?2021-03-15T20:28:35-06:00

This is a question I would like to answer for buyers, sellers as well as real estate agents that don’t seem to understand the concept of earnest money. The answer is NO! NO! NO! the buyer is not entitled to receive their earnest money back. If the buyer or agent doesn’t abide by dates and deadlines or terminates on something they do not have a contingency for they lose their earnest. That is the point of the earnest money. Do not assume a buyer automatically gets their earnest money back. Granted the buyer has multiple outs to get it back they still can lose it.

Where Should I Live If I Work in Denver?2020-03-09T11:47:55-06:00

This is a very common question asked by a lot of buyers. It depends a little on where in Denver you will be living. Up in the Denver Foothills most of the folks that work in Denver and live in Evergreen, Golden or Morrison have a very easy commute. The reason these areas are so appealing is not only do you have easy access to Denver you also have easy access to the ski resorts. That is why these areas have always been and always will be in very high demand.

What Time of Year Should I List My Home?2019-12-25T12:53:33-07:00

There was a time that summer was the best time to list in any area that has a winter. Colorado for the last 5 years has not had a selling season. As far as selling in the spring you have one challenge, competition. Everyone still feels that the spring is the best time to list. Now a days right after new years is the best time to list your home. Get listed before your neighbors because we have buyers looking all year. Winter homes sell with less showings before contract.

Is There a Standard Commission Rate for Listing My Home in Colorado?2020-03-11T19:37:25-06:00

Some sellers as well as some real estate agents believe there is a set standard commission rate for selling your home. This is not the case. A real estate commission is a negotiable cost. Here at Orson Hill Realty we will always work with you on the cost of selling your home. Granted there is an amount that if you require us to go below we will simply tell you that we won’t be able to market your home in the proper way and give you the attention you deserve. We treat all our customers the same weather it is a $100,000 listing or a $100,000,000 listing. We spend a lot of time and money getting your listing in front of as many possible buyers we can. We are available way more than other agents. For that our time is very valuable but we also have very low listing rates. Give us a call and we can explain how we will market your listing for less and sell it for the right price, fast!

Should My Real Estate Agent Be Able to Find Everything Wrong With a Home?2022-12-07T14:42:52-07:00

Sometimes buyers mention to real estate agents that they expect the agent to assist them in determining any defects on a property that isn’t mentioned in the seller’s property disclosure. Some buyers feel it is the real estate agents job to help inspect the home. This is not the case. The first real estate company I worked for actually had an attorney that told the Realtors to not even attend the home inspection. Finding defects in the home is the responsibility of the home inspector or any tradesman a buyer hires to inspect the home. A real estate agent is (usually) well versed in homes but is not trained to find defects in the home. If a buyer is at all concerned they should bring in a qualified professional or home inspector.

What is the Best Way to Determine the Value of a Home?2019-04-18T20:38:10-06:00

There is only one way to truly determine the value of a home. For buyers and sellers the only way to find the true value of a home is buy having a real estate agent or an appraiser come out and really go through your home. You can not trust ZIllow Zestimates or any other online source to give you a true value of your home. There is a reason why banks make a human come out and see your home before lending you money it. There are so many variables that go into the market price of a home. It is simply impossible for a website to tell you. It can give you and idea of market direction but not market value. Sorry for the bad the news but it is true. But don’t worry Orson Hill Realty will do this for you for free!

What are the Signs of a Buyers Market?2019-04-14T23:16:56-06:00

It’s been such a long time since we have seen a buyers market in Colorado this is going strictly off memory. When inventory starts to rise we slip into a buyers market. Then prices begin to drop and less offers are being made. As a result we start to see homes staying on the market much longer.

What Are the Signs of a Sellers Market?2019-04-14T23:13:49-06:00

There are some clear signs of a sellers market. One of the obvious is list prices increasing at a rabid rate. Another sign of seller market is homes being on the market less time. When you see a home listing on Thursday and it is off the market by the end of the weekend it is most likely a seller market. If your real estate agent tells you there are multiple offers on a home that you are making an offer on is another good indication. Some of the less obvious signs is sellers being picky with showing instructions and restricting showing times. The overall inventory can also be an indication of a sellers market.

Can I have More Than One Agent Show Me Properties?2019-04-14T22:32:59-06:00

You can certainly start off with more than one agent to see who you like. Kinda shop around. But once you sign a buyer agency agreement (at least in CO) that is who you work with. At that point you don’t even want to do your agent “a favor” by contacting a listing agent of a property you might like to ask questions. You will always want to go through your agent for any questions or setting up showings. Also be upfront with any agent if you are using other agents before your buyer agent agreement is signed. There are some agents that would prefer to just let you work with another agent instead of wasting their time.

What is the Difference Between Real Estate Agents and Realtors?2019-04-14T22:12:13-06:00

The easiest way to put it is all Realtors and real estate agents but not all real estate agents are Realtors. The advantages of working with a Realtor over just a real estate agent is ethics. Realtors are held to a higher standard of ethics. That is higher ethics with other agents as well as with the public. If you work with a Realtor you know you are working with an ethical person.

When is the Best Time to List my Home?2019-04-14T02:50:02-06:00

Many real estate agents will tell you “the best time to list your home is now!”. In the market we have had for the last 2 years this is absolutely true. The market in Colorado has been on fire every month for 2 years. When it isn’t a sellers market spring and summer is normally a better time to list. Although this isn’t always the case. The best real estate agents will tell you that sometimes you should list in fall or winter. The reason for this is the spring and summer is sometimes saturated with inventory. That means if the inventory is up too high and buyers are a little less, it is actually harder to sell your home.  So technically the best time to list your home is now!

What is Considered a Low Ball Offer?2019-04-14T00:38:34-06:00

Knowing what a low ball offer is would be market specific. When a buyer makes an offer in sellers market it needs to be closer to the list price than a buyers market. In the current market conditions in Colorado homes are selling at an average of 97-98% of current list price. The problem is many sellers are putting their homes on the market above value to see if they will get an offer in the frenzy of buying that is going on. That is why the stipulation that it is 97-98% of current list that isn’t 97-98% of original list price. A distinction that is very important. So a low ball offer is a relative figure.

Why Hasn’t the Seller Responded to Our Offer Yet?2019-04-14T00:25:20-06:00

If you look at your contract there should be a line on your contract that says something like “Acceptance Deadline” or something of that nature (depending on your state). That is what it is called in the Colorado contracts. The acceptance time you would like to hear back from the seller with an acceptance or a counter offer. In some states (Colorado is one) the acceptance deadline is a “soft deadline” the reason for that is it is a date that is presented by the buyer. There is only one person that has signed the contract at that point. The seller has not yet agreed to the terms of the contract and that includes the acceptance deadline time. So sometimes the seller will blow this deadline and it is OK.

What is a Material Fact?2019-04-14T00:25:47-06:00

Simply put a material fact is something with the home or property that is defective. It would also be considered anything that might be important to the buyer and might make them change their mind on the purchase. It is Orson Hill Realty’s position for all sellers to disclose everything. If you think it might be a material fact, it probably is.

Why is My ZIllow Zestimate so Different Than What My Listing Agent Says my Value is?2022-12-07T12:29:07-07:00

Just to be blunt, Zillow Zestimates are regularly inaccurate. Ask any real estate agent and they will tell that Zillow and their Zestimates are almost always wrong. An algorithm can not determine the value of a home. The only way to find the value of your home is to have your listing agent come into your home. See what kind of fixtures your have, how your floorplan is laid out. There are so many variables gone into finding the price of your home that it is simply impossible to tell the value without seeing it. Especially unique homes and yards. Find the best listing agent in your town and ask them to find the value of your home and please don’t say “Zillow say my home is worth…”. Listen to your Realtor. That is what they do all day long.

Does The Buyer or Seller Pay Realtor Commission?2019-04-14T00:28:05-06:00

When a listing agent takes a listing they negotiate a fee. They come up with a total fee, let’s say 6% that is paid by the seller to the listing agent. Then the listing agent agrees to pay the buyer agent, let’s say 2.8%. So this means the seller pays the Realtor fees for both the listing agent and buyer agent.

Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying or Selling a Home?2019-04-14T00:28:33-06:00

It is HIGHLY recommended by just about anyone to use a Realtor for your real estate transaction. It is what agents do all day and night. There are so many levels and possible legal repercussions with going at it on your own. For buyer, why not? Seller pays fees. For sellers, why not? Agents market your home and do everything for you.

Should I Stage My Home While It’s Listed?2019-04-13T23:27:40-06:00

Statistics do show homes sell faster when staged. The other school of thought is that the home looks bigger and people can also picture their “stuff” in there when it is a blank canvas. Also in our crazy market staging may be more of a hassle. When things are going under contract in a couple days.

Are There Any Rent to Own Properties Available?2019-04-13T23:31:55-06:00

You might be able to find the unicorn know as the lease to own somewhere in this market but they really are few and far between. That is more for a buyers when there is higher inventory on the market and days on market are longer. If the market shifts and inventory picks up and days on market increase it might make sense for sellers to start doing this again. Right now if a seller puts their home on the market on Thursday it could be under contract by Sunday and the cash in their account by the end of the month.

Why Should I talk to a Bank Before I Start Looking at Homes?2022-12-07T12:25:05-07:00

It is extremely important to speak to a bank before you physically look at any homes. One reason is pretty much common sense. You could be wasting your time, the buyer agent, the seller and listing broker’s time. It is also important to know what you can afford. You might be looking at homes out of your price range or might be able to afford a bigger home to more suit your needs. Probably the most important reason is because in this real estate market it is a must to have a lender letter. There aren’t many sellers that will accept an offer without having a lender letter. In this market if you don’t have a lender on standby to write you a lender letter that day, you just might lose the house to another buyer’s offer.

Should I Restrict Times Agents Can Show My Home?2019-04-13T23:51:43-06:00

You should do your best to not restrict showing times. You should also approve all showings unless it is absolutely impossible to show. It is very important because buyer agents set homes up to show in sections and need to make the best of their time and the buyer’s time. You should also not reschedule for this reason as well. This area has a lot of out of town buyers also. This means if buyers are only in town for a day or two you might be sending a potential buyer home without previewing your home.

What is This Seller Property Form You Gave Me to Fill Out?2019-04-13T23:53:40-06:00

The seller’s property disclosure is a form that needs to be filled out by all sellers to the best of their knowledge of any defects the home may have. It is also one of the only forms or disclosures the listing agent is not supposed to assist with. It is a very straightforward form and your agent is not supposed to coach you on what is wrong with your property. The best rule of of thumb is if you wonder if you should put it on the disclosure, you should. Disclose, disclose, disclose! It is a form that can stop you from being sued later on after close if you don’t disclose something you know about.

When Is Earnest Money Due?2019-04-13T23:54:49-06:00

Earnest money is usually due 3-7 days after MEC (Mutual Execution of Contract or when all parties sign the contract or counter). The nice thing about earnest money is that it can be in the form of a personal check (99% of the time). It is held by either the real estate brokerage or the title company in their trust account.

Do We Need Our Buyer Agent When We Preview Homes?2019-04-13T23:56:36-06:00

The short answer is absolutely! There are a million reasons why you should never go to a listing without your buyer agent. One reason is if you walk through the home with just the listing broker you might tremendously weaken your negotiating stance. A listing broker can see you are overly excited about the property. Also when the buyer agent writes up the offer they need to know what to put in. If they don’t know there are inclusions that aren’t on the MLS contract, You may miss out on something that needs to be in there. There are times something like a wood pile, an old car or some things that need to be removed from the property. That need to be put in the original offer.

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