Tanoa is a neighborhood in one of the most desirable areas of Evergreen. It is located right off of 74 . It is in the Hiwan South area. It is close to I70 so it has easy access to downtown Denver, Golden and the ski resorts. Just minutes from grocery shopping and downtown Evergreen it is no wonder why the homes in this neighborhood go so fast.


Tanoa is in an HOA at the time of this post the HOA fees were about $450 a year. Located in the Jefferson County R-1 district the schools are Bergen Meadow Elementary, Evergreen Middle and Evergreen High School, all of them are fantastic schools.

Home Prices

Homes in Tanoa range from the 600’s to over a million dollars. It is a great neighborhood for people new to Colorado that don’t really want the total mountain living experience or locals looking to live a more simple life closer to activities in the area. Whatever your needs are Tanoa in Evergreen is something to consider.

Why Evergreen?

Weather you are looking for a home in Tanoa or another neighborhood in Evergreen like Hiwan, you have found the best town for living in the mountains. Evergreen never really felt the hit from 2008. The prices decreased slightly but not like the rest of the country. That is because it is a very desirable area. With low crime and its close proximity to Denver and world class skiing and everything else Colorado is known for, people will always be attracted to out mountain town. At the elevation of about 7500′ it is the perfect weather year round. We get snow on day and the next it is sunny and 50 degrees. Incredibly mild temps. The sun seems to always be shining so there aren’t weeks of overcast. You still get your snow if you are a winter type person but you also don’t live for months in a cloudy and overcast area.

OK We Know Evergreen is Cool, Sell Me on Colorado Now

Colorado is such a great state. With the weather we discussed on days in January when it is 50 in Evergreen, you go down the hill to Denver and it’s 62. Only 25 minutes away and it feels like a nice summer day. Colorado has all kinds of people and that means all types of foods and all types of activities for everyone. Hiking, skiing, fishing, ice skating…. We could go on for days about all the things Colorado has to offer.

Denver and the Foothills Seem Expensive

Yes it is true it isn’t cheap to live in a beautiful area. It is supply and demand. If it is a nice place and people want to live there prices will always be more than other places. It is a good indication of a healthy real estate market and area when it is expensive to live there. If people were leaving prices would drop. Unfortunately we are seeing the opposite. The last few years we have not had nearly enough inventory for the amount of people flocking here. Between oil, gas and shale mixed with the legalization of marijuana demand for housing is huge. People tend to go where the is to be made and Colorado is booming and this time not for gold!

Homes for sale in Tanoa