Troutdale in the Pines was located in Evergreen Colorado and was a chic hotel popular in the 20’s & 30’s that attracted visitors from all over. It was founded by Jasper Babcock in 1881 who moved his family from Chicago to Evergreen to set up a farm on 160 acres of Bear Creek land. It was originally used as a summer resort and was a popular destination for wealthy and famous guests such as Mary Pickford, Gretta Garbo, Clark Gable, Ethel Merman, Groucho Marx, and Harpo. It closed its doors for the last time in the early 30’s and is now a crumbling remnant with its red roof, for the most part, fallen in, the guest rooms are silent.

Troutdale in the Pines Evergreen Colorado

Hotel in Troutdale of Historic Notoriety – Troutdale in the Pines

The renowned Evergreen resort that was known as Troutdale in the Pines was second to none in its time. It was similar in grandeur to the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and the Stanley in Estes Park. It was founded by car dealer Harry E. Sidles from Nebraska.

In 1914, Sidles constructed a summer home he dubiously called “Rippling Waters” located a mile up the canyon. Initially, it was just a summer escape. However, 6 years later he decided to pursue the development of his pride and joy. Situated just north of Bear Creek, the golf course was on the opposite side of the creek. It was a place of great beauty.

The wealthy and well-known were surrounded by luxury. On their own man-made lake, they had paddle boats shaped like swans, and they were able to go horseback riding along countless trails. Their property even included a 17-hole golf course.

The Troutdale was a paradise Denver Mountain retreat with 100 guest rooms, a grand ballroom, entertainment, and world-class dining. This luxurious retreat was frequented by celebrities like Greta Garbo, Jack Benny, and Groucho Marx. It was considered a must-visit destination for anyone who was famous during that time.

Following the creation of Evergreen Lake in 1927, Sidles opted to expand his resort. He was a shrewd businessman, so he chose to add an extra story to the hotel to accommodate more than 300 visitors. The charges for this lavish hotel were an incredible $5 a day.

In 1934, Sidles sadly passed away and the resort never regained its former glory. Poor management and vandals caused the once-great Evergreen resort to become a distant memory. It is now the Troutdale in the Pines Condominiums.

The Troutdale grounds still feature two buildings in addition to the remnants of the old hotel. Sitting at the entrance is the gatekeeper’s cottage, which appears to be unoccupied. Next to it stands a structure that used to be the stables, then the chauffeur’s house, and eventually the girls’ dorm. Now restored, it serves as the caretaker’s home, with locked gates and signs warning against trespassers, which helps to keep out any people trying to visit the supposedly haunted hotel.

Troutdale in the Pines: A luxurious Denver Mountain resort

  • Founded by Harry E. Sidles, a car dealer from Nebraska
  • Started as a summer home “Rippling Waters” and later developed into a resort
  • Located near Bear Creek with amenities such as a 17-hole golf course and a man-made lake with paddle boats
  • Had 100 guest rooms, a grand ballroom, entertainment, and world-class dining
  • Attracted famous visitors such as Greta Garbo, Jack Benny, and Groucho Marx
  • Expanded in 1927 with an additional story to accommodate more guests
  • Daily charges were $5 per day
  • Declined after the death of Harry E. Sidles in 1934 due to poor management and vandalism
  • Currently the Troutdale in the Pines Condominiums
  • Two original buildings remain on the grounds: the gatekeeper’s cottage and the caretaker’s home (formerly the stables, chauffeur’s house, and girls’ dorm)
  • Considered haunted and off-limits to visitors with locked gates and warning signs against trespassers.

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