high speed internet

One of the most common questions our real estate agents receive from buyers is “what high-speed internet is available in Evergreen, Colorado”. In the post Covid era many people are still working out of their home. Many people are finding they can work from anywhere so why not work from their home in the beautiful mountain town of Evergreen, Co? It is now the most common question buyers have. The answer to the question depends on where in Evergreen you will be moving. There are a lot of homes that have high-speed internet and there are a lot that don’t.

It all depends on what the buyer considers high-speed internet. The FCC considers 25MBS high-speed internet. People moving from the city that are sporting 150+ MBS may have a different opinion. If you are happy with 25 MBS then you will be OK with almost all properties since Hughesnet, Rise Broadband and other similar speed services are available. Since 25 MBS may not work in all situations many people are looking for homes for sale that they can get Xfinity or Comcast and Higher speeds. Even those services peak out under 100MBS in most areas in Evergreen.

Starlink seems to be the biggest blessing mountain homes will get in the next few years. Starlink in Evergreen, Co is still in beta testing. There are a few home that currently have Starlink. It is not scheduled to be widely available in the Denver Foothills and Evergreen until 2022. This will be a fantastic service talking about 150 MBS.

Your real estate agent and you will need to identify a property and then actually do a little due diligence to see what high speed internet is available at that particular home. The strange part is about mountain internet is that it may be available at one home and not another one right across the street. If high speed internet is on the top of your list of needs then you will need to do a little homework.

You may need to trade a little internet speed for the luxury of living in the beautiful Denver Foothills. It may be a small sacrifice for such a wonderful way of life.