The Evergreen, CO race for mayor officially kicked off today. It was a little crazy at Chow Down (the sponsors of this event along with EAPL). There is a large pool of choices for mayor of Evergreen. Our sources told us that there are about 17 mayoral candidates for this small mountain town big election.

The clear front runner is local favorite and all around Evergreen legend, Awesome (the dog). Awesome is a good boy and his humans are the Skellys. There is Danny Skelly (dad), Declan Skelly, Finn Skelly and Kiran Skelly. Awesome can be seen around town walking his humans or taking them to events around Evergreen.

Awesome (the dog) has always been the “Bad Boy” of politics. Always having scandals popping up. The most recent was an incident at Cactus Jacks Saloon in July of 2019. The details of the event are very spotty but from most reports there was and incident with a female dog on patio one warm summer evening. The female dog is saying she was mounted out of nowhere. A spokesman for the Awesome (the dog) campaign says the meeting was consensual and she sniffed his butt first. There is a motion for the charges to be dismissed but a local judge will most likely not rule until after the election results are in this February. No matter how this turns out it will be an exciting race for mayor in Evergreen, CO.

Awesome (the dog) has been in the Evergreen spotlight for a few years now. He spends time at Evergreen Lake, Lake Concerts, Sporting events and festivals around town. He is always a good boy and very friendly.

Unfortunately there were no other candidates available for interviews.

Please remember this is for a very cause! Remember to vote for Awesome!

Evergreen Dog for Mayor
Awesome the dog
Mayor of Evergreen