Located near the mouth of Clear Creek in the foothills west of Denver, the City of Golden boasts more than its share of natural beauty. Nestled between the Colorado Front Range and the famous Table Mountains, you’d never know Golden was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the urban bustle of Denver. The quiet seclusion of mountain trails are nearby and Park Bench by Clear Creekavailable for nature lovers, but you don’t have to leave the city to enjoy beautiful green surroundings. In addition to offering stunning vistas from all sides and 402 acres of open space, the City of Golden also maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

Golden, CO Parks – Trails – and Open Space Map Printable and download pdf

Beverly Heights Park

The Beverly Heights neighborhood park was built in 1984. Located at the foot of Mount Zion, bicycle enthusiasts often whiz by after descending the mountain, with a view of the Colorado School of Mines “M” rising in the background.

There is a soft surface Pavilion Walking Loop ideal for those looking to get a little excercise. Your dog must be leashed at the park, but a dog-friendly drinking fountain keeps him cool on hot days. Deer and elk sightings are common in the dawn and dusk hours, so keep your eyes peeled for wildlife.


  • ADA Accessible Playground (new playground installed in 2014!)
  • Walking Loop with Benches
  • Dog-friendly Drinking Fountain
  • Restrooms

Cressman Park

Cressman Park is a neighborhood park located on Cressman Gulch Trail north of Wyoming Street. The nearest access to the playground by automobile is from the intersection of Wyoming Street and Mesa Court in North Golden. It is the northernmost point of our great greenbelt that begins at the kayak course, meandering throughout neighborhoods.

Amenities Available:
Cressman Gulch Playground
ADA Accessible Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
Shaded Picnic Table

Discovery Park

Completed in 2006, this small neighborhood park received its name, “Discovery Park,” in a city-wide naming contest.

This unique park wows kids with unique playground equipment. Little ones will enjoy climbing on the big dinosaur or the enormous brass tortoise. When they tire of climbing, they can head over to the digging pit and be little archeologists for a while, finding the buried dinosaur bones hidden there. Discovery Park also features a climbing wall, a grass maze, and great views for the whole family to enjoy.

Amenities Available:
ADA Accessible Shelter
Water Fountain
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)

Golden Bike Park

The Golden Parks Division worked diligently to improve the Golden Bike Park in 2015. Taking advantage of an unseasonably dry March, the Parks Division worked with professional trail designers, Momentum Trail Concepts, with a goal to restore the gravity- fed flow park to its opening day glory and provide new opportunities for riders of all skill levels.

Golden Bike ParkThe first step included refreshing the downhill flow trail through the park. Jumps were widened and stabilized, increasing both safety and quality of experience. In some locations smaller jumps were added to provide less experienced riders an equal opportunity to find some air!

The main jump/flow trail has features for every skill level; it starts at the top with only 1 option. As you descend downhill the features get a little bigger and a little more difficult, but every feature or jump has a “rollable option” for someone to bail out if they are not comfortable with it. The trail also splits around the midway point into defined separate trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced meeting back at the climbing trail to do it all again.

Golden Bike Park, located in Tony Grampsas Park, opened in 2010 and was developed through a partnership between the City of Golden, Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA), International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), and a group of dedicated local volunteers, the Golden Bike Park Group. For more information join the Golden Bike Park Group on Facebook!

Golden Heights Park

Built in 1986, this neighborhood park is located south of Interstate 70 as it begins its climb into the Rocky Mountains. There is a nice playground and a short, steep hillside popular with winter sledding enthusiasts. The park also has a ballfield backstop and open area perfect for family or pickup baseball games. A covered pavilion is available for groups by reservation during the summer months.

Amenities Available:
Golden Heights CourtsCovered Pavilion for Rentals
Skate Park with quarter pipe, fun box, fly box, rail, and unique concrete wall structure
Year-round Restrooms
Drinking Fountain
Fitness Loop
Horseshoe Pits
(8) Youth Soccer Fields
New playground installed in 2014!

Heritage Dells Park

Crawford Circle & Kimball Avenue
In 1987, this foothills park was built to serve the Heritage Dells Subdivision. Currently, it is located at the midpoint of the Kinney Run Trail, and makes for a great resting place along this regional trail that Heritage Dells Park Basketballbegins at Heritage Square. The terrain is hilly and it’s a “good push” to get a loaded baby stroller back to the car from the A.D.A. accessible playground. A basketball court is also available at the park, perfect for neighborhood pick-up games and practice.

Amenities Available:
Drinking Fountain
Year Round Restroom
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
Basketball Court
Winter Sledding

Hockey Stop Park

Dedicated in 2001, The Hockey Stop is Golden’s inline hockey rink. Amenities include goals, nets to keep pucks in the rink, and regulation-size curbs.

Lions Park

Built by the Lions Club in the 1960s, this park site is on reclaimed bottom land just north of Clear Creek. The park is well-known for its community 4th of July celebration and the large, newly renovated playground. this park provides plenty of shaded picnic tables for a noontime escape by downtown workers. Children love to bring their parents to the new fully A.D.A. accessible playground designed to provide activities for small and big kids alike. The park is also home to the recently renovated Golden Community Center. The pond in Lions Park was recently filled in, offering more green space for play and sport.
Amenities Available:
Lions Park playground

One Horseshoe Pit
Sand Volleyball Pit
Two Covered Shelters that are Fully ADA Accessible (to rent a pavilion, visit our Facilities & Use Rentals page).
Kayak Course at Clear Creek
Shares Grounds with the Golden Community Center
Within Walking Distance of the Clear Creek RV Park

Lions Ball Fields

A Lions Club project built in the 1960s, this ball field park is located on the north bank of Clear Creek. There are two lighted ball fields that are popular sites for boy’s baseball, and girl’s, women’s, and senior softball.

Restrooms are available year-round.

Amenities Available
Lions BallfieldSoftball Fields
Basketball Court
Lighted Tennis Courts (2)
ADA Accessible Tennis Court (1)
Fitness Course
Football (Fall)
Excellent Spot to View or Access the Kayak Course

New Loveland Mine Park

Completed in 1996, this neighborhood park takes it name from the mining site on which it was built. There is a fully ADA accessible playground for the kids close to the paved parking lot. There is also a gently sloping paved walking loop available for getting a little exercise.

Amenities Available:
New Loveland Play AreaYear Round Restroom
Shelter – ADA Accessible
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
Drinking Fountain

Norman D. Memorial Park

Land for this neighborhood park was donated in memory of Norman D. Peery by his family. This is the favorite park of many residents. Trees planted in 1978 have grown strong and fast, offering great shade on hot summer days. The park offers a quiet view of the foothills and mountains in all directions.

After an extensive public engagement process in 2013, the park received a whole new look including a futuristic playground, spin buckets, a new flexible balance beam, swings and a climbing structure.

Amenities Available:
Norman D Park Water FountainMature Trees
Picnic Tables
Drinking Fountain for People and Pets
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
Climbing Structure
ADA Accessible

Parfet Park

Golden’s oldest park was built in the early 1900s. Several brass markers note historic points of interest. This is Golden’s festival park where the community celebrates Buffalo Bill Days every July, as well as other civic events. Lots of large shade trees and the calming attraction of Clear Creek draw many from the adjacent downtown area for a quiet retreat.

Amenities Available:
Parfet Park
Movies & Music in the Park
Sand/Grass Volleyball
Stream Fishing
Slide & Creek-side plaza
The Clear Creek Corridor & Regional Trail
Quiet shade for lunchtime breaks near Downtown

Rooney Road Sports Complex

Offering five synthetic turf fields, Rooney Road Sports Complex was completed in 2007 over the recapped Rooney Road Landfill. Rooney Road offers much needed field space to serve youth in Golden and the Jefferson County area. At any time the fields are not in use, they are available to the general public as an open park.
Park Amenities Available
Rooney Road Soccer

120×80 yd. Soccer Field
120×75 yd. Soccer and Football Field
110×65 yd. Soccer and Men’s Lacrosse Field
110×65 yd. Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse Field
110×65 yd. Soccer Field
Learn about Rooney Road Sports Complex field rentals here pdf download
In response to the concerns shared through the NBC report “How Safe is the Artificial Turf your Child Plays on?” the City of Golden commissioned an airborne exposure study of the soccer fields at the Rooney Road Sports Complex to determine if there was any factual basis to these critically important concerns. The August 2015 study concluded that no alternative turf infill options needed to be explored, as the chemical concentrations were far below detection limits. Please download the report below for further details.

Southridge Park

Built in 1980, Southridge Park is a favorite noontime stop for many Golden students and office workers. Several “fast food” restaurants are nearby, and the shaded lawn areas are a great place to eat.

The park features a modern playground, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a large flat area used by local soccer associations.

Amenities Available:
Soccer Field at Southridge Park

In-Line Hockey Rink
Drinking Fountain
Seasonal Restrooms
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
Two Tennis Courts
Basketball Courts

Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex

Located at the east side of North Table Mountain, this site was added to the City’s parks in 1999.

Tony Grampsas Ball FieldCoors Brewing Company originally developed the complex, and in 2000 the 63-acre park was dedicated to Tony Grampsas, a former Coors employee and a friend of Parks and Recreation in the state legislature.

Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex offers a full array of unique amenities, including one of the two off-leash dog parks in Golden, the new Golden Bike Park, and even an archery range.

Amenities Available:
Off leash dog parkBasketball gymnasium
(2) lighted ballfields
(1) reservable ballfield and group shelter
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
Water Fountains
Sand Volleyball
Soft surface walking trail that cuts through unique Osage orange trees and mature cottonwoods
(3) horseshoe pits
Off-leash dog park
Archery range affiliated with the local archery club
Golden Bike Park
Visit our Facilities & Use Rentals page for information on renting the fields or gymnasium.

Pavilion Rental Includes:
Pavilions at Tony GrampsasSand Volleyball court
Horseshoe pit
Tank for ice and water
Access to hose and water
Built-in BBQ grill
Note: The pavilion areas have limited electricity available.

Ulysses Sports Complex

Located on a mesa that overlooks much of Golden and the Platte Valley where Denver is located, this regional sports complex was extensively renovated in the mid-1980s.

In addition to softball and soccer fields, the Ulysses Sports Complex also includes a skateboard facility with rails, jumps, and a half pipe structure. Dog guardians will appreciate the off-leash dog park, “Homer’s Run,” situated at the south end of the fields. With Jefferson County’s Administration Complex to the southwest, this park is a popular location for noontime walks with breathtaking views.

Amenities Available:
Ulysses Off-leash Dog Park5 Ballfields
Fitness Loop
Soccer Fields
Restrooms (Seasonal)
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)
“Homer’s Run” off-leash small dog park at south end of the fields
Kite Flying
Skateboard Park (read more below!)
Please Note: The use of alcohol is not permitted at Ulysses Ballpark.

Ulysses Sports Complex batting cages have been permanently closed.

Skate Park
Ulysses Sports Complex offers a 21,500 square foot skate park which was recently named the “2017 Best Skate Park” by the Denver Westword and has become one of Colorado’s most popular hubs for skateboarders since its grand opening in April 2017. The skateboard facility features numerous different rails such as the bump to bar, A-frame rail, a mini three stair rail as well as ledges, quarter pipes and banks surrounding the entire park. A snake run/ ditch area flows through the middle of the park as well as an eight-foot tall bowl located in the South East end. The rails, jumps, two half pipe structures, fun box, quarter pipe, fly box and ramp offers a little something for everyone. The featured obstacle is the Big-O! When the sun hits it at the right spot, you will see the Big-O cast a shadow of the word “Golden” on the ground. Watch out for little scooter kids on the street course and safety gear is required!

Lights turn off at 10 p.m. each night.

Vanover Park

Built in 1990, this creekside park’s focal point was once one of Colorado’s largest and oldest Cottonwood trees. During Golden’s earlier days, it was said that a Mr. Vanover was lynched at this tree by the local populace without a trial. Sadly, the tree died and came down in August 2006 with a grand goodbye ceremony. Today, a stump and wheel slices from its trunk are all that remain of the beloved Cottonwood.

Present day park users will enjoy the quiet flow of Clear Creek nearby, with a view of the famous Coors Brewery beyond, as well as several places to eat lunch or read a book. The east side of the park was activated in 2013 with a new climbing structure and nature play elements designed to stimuate imaginative play and integrate with the remaining stumps from two large cottonwood trees.

White Ash Mine Park

Completed in 1998, the fully A.D.A. accessible playground at White Ash Mine Park incorporates “age” zones for both young tots and the older bunch. There is also a covered pavilion, drinking fountain, and restroom nearby the playground. A large multi-purpose turf area is available for soccer and pick up baseball games. A full basketball court is a great spot for a pick up game.

Amenities Available:
White Ash Mine PavilionCovered Pavilion
Drinking Fountain Restroom
Full Basketball Court
Playground (smoking is prohibited within 25 ft of the playground)

Golden, Colorado has been a Tree City USA community since 1990, and places a premium on making the city a beautiful, green place to live. Residents and visitors may enjoy a wide variety of park experiences, whether you’re planning a lazy Sunday picnic with the family, looking to get your adrenaline pumping at the mountain bike park, or gathering for a game of hoops with your closest pals. If your canine buddy is itching to chase a ball, a squirrel, or play with other four-legged pals, head to one of the dog parks at Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex or Ulysses Sports Complex.