Morrison CO
Morrison CO

Morrison, Colorado Real Estate Market Analysis

Market Overview

The property market in Morrison, Colorado, has been a vibrant and evolving sector. As of May 2023, there have been considerable changes that have influenced the property investment landscape in the area.

Property Pricing and Sales

Properties in Morrison have been listed at an average price of $550,000, with sales often exceeding the list price by 1%. This trend indicates a robust demand for properties, with buyers showing a willingness to pay a premium over the asking price. Properties in Morrison typically stay on the market for around 31 days, suggesting a relatively swift turnover for sellers.

Shift in Market Dynamics

The second half of 2022 marked a significant transition in Colorado’s previously fast-paced real estate market. This shift has introduced a new dynamic in the property market, impacting both buyers and sellers alike.

Median Price Trends

As of April 2023, the median price in the broader Colorado housing market stood at $565,000, representing a year-over-year decrease of 5.8%. This downward trend has been beneficial for buyers who may have been previously priced out of the market, indicating a shift towards a more balanced market.

Morrison’s Market Performance

Despite the cooling down of the broader Colorado market, Morrison’s real estate market has been thriving. The median listing home price in Morrison was $829.6K in March 2023, marking a year-over-year increase of 32.2%.

Recent Market Activity

The past week has seen a flurry of activity in the Morrison real estate market. There have been 10 new listings, 2 upcoming listings, and 1 property back on the market. This surge of new properties provides potential buyers with a wider range of options. However, the market remains competitive, with 13 properties going under contract in the same period.

Price Fluctuations

The market has also witnessed some price fluctuations, with one property increasing in price and ten decreasing. These price changes reflect the ongoing negotiations between buyers and sellers in their quest to strike a deal. Despite these fluctuations, five properties have successfully closed in the past week.

Morrison Real Estate

In summary, the real estate market in Morrison, Colorado, is a dynamic and evolving landscape. Despite broader market trends, Morrison continues to be a sought-after location, with strong demand and a steady influx of new listings. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, staying abreast of these trends is crucial to making successful real estate decisions.