Pinecrest Development Behind Safeway Evergreen

We would like to start out by saying that Orson Hill Realty has nothing to do with the Pinecrest Development or Roberts Construction. This blog post is nothing more than an informational article that will be updated as more info comes to us. Orson Hill Realty always writes articles about community happenings. If there is a blog post about things such as the Pinecrest Development behind Safeway in Evergreen, it does not mean we are affiliated at all!

Pinecrest Ridge – Evergreen

Pinecrest is pleased to present a luxury apartment building in the beautiful town of Evergreen, Colorado. With its ideal location and quaint little town/old town/mountain town vibe, Evergreen offers outdoor recreation for young and mature residents alike. Whether you’re a new buyer working from home or in the city, or a retiree looking to downsize but maintain quality, Pinecrest Ridge will satisfy everyone with its high-quality, multi-family, maintenance-free housing for residents. Pinecrest Ridge has designed open concept housing with large, well-planned and energy-efficient floor plans in a new community that offers what homeowners are looking for in a new home and mountain town. When completed, Pinecrest Ridge will include 52 apartment buildings: 26 townhouses and 26 duplexes with amenities for shopping, entertainment, hiking, kayaking and fishing.

Proximity to the I70 provides easy access to ski runs, outlets, the airport and downtown Denver. With beautiful new apartment buildings in an ideal location, Pinecrest Ridge is a must-see for anyone looking for a new home in the Evergreen area. TOWNHOMES will consist of 3 level townhouses consisting of 4 villas or duplexes.

Townhouses offer spacious, open living spaces and flexible layouts designed for comfortable living. An additional lift makes these terraced houses attractive to everyone. The Pinecrest Ridge DUPLEX semi-detached homes will have an elegant ground-floor owner’s suite in a stunning ranch-style home. The large finished lower level will offer a separate living space with 2 additional bedrooms and a large lounge for the whole extended family! 


What we know about the Pinecrest Development

Proposed 52 Lot Single Family Housing Development@ hwy 74& Palo Verde. JEFFCO Planning & Zoning
Case Name: Pinecrest Village
Location:West of 74/Palo Verde ( behind Safeway?)
Case Manager: Lindsey Wire 303-271-8717
Proposed: 52 lots for single-family attached units
Planning Commission: Wednesday 9/23/2020@6:15
Virtual Public Testimony will be taken by phone- submit comments 24 hrs before scheduled meeting. If desire comments to be included in packets for Boards and Commissions submit your comments one week prior to the hearing.

Location of virtual hearings:

The Pinecrest Development is a larger parcel of about 115 acres behind the Evergreen Safeway. The ne proposed project is not about the entire 115 acres. The new proposal is about 52 homes being built on a parcel making the population density of about 6 homes per acre. We have not been able to independently confirm the scope or size of the proposed project. 

This has of course sparked the debate in the community over growth vs. private property rights. The Evergreen community was able to convince the powers at be to shoot down the Evergreen Tennis Bubble Project a couple months ago. The community is speaking out against this proposal as well. There will most likely be strong opposition to this project as there was against the Tennis Bubble project. For Decades there has been an ongoing battle between development and those that want to stop developments like the Pinecrest Development behind Safeway and the Tennis Bubble Project on the Parkway.

Pinecrest Development Behind Safeway  

Located in north Evergreen, this contiguous vacant land parcel is approximately 115 acres (including a 13.24 acre commercial parcel) that is legally subdivided through Jefferson County into 21 building sites ranging in size of 1.73 acre to 11.41 acres. This gorgeous ready-to-be-developed land offers direct, astounding Mt. Evans views from almost every lot, amazing and abundant rock outcroppings, a variety of healthy mature trees and southern and western exposures. The property has two deeded access points. It is undeveloped so roads and utilities would need to be brought in by a developer. The land is sloping to gently sloping to flat. This is a fantastic opportunity for a builder/developer OR for a single party to purchase one of the last large acreage parcels within the heart of Evergreen that is breath-takingly beautiful! Included in Evergreen Water and Sanitation District. Fees partially paid. 

Public Hearing and Comment Time for Pinecrest Development Jefferson County

September 23rd 6:15 PM case #19-103075PF 

Below is the recent site plan for Pinecrest Development - Roberts Construction as of 7-18-22

Pinecrest Development - Roberts Construction - Ascent Builders

Original Resolution for Pinecrest Village Application to Jefferson County

Commissioner Francone moved that the following Resolution be adopted:
Case Number: 18-100154RZ
Map Number(s): 212
Owner/Applicant: Moore-Burrow, Ltd., a Texas limited
Location: AIN/Parcel ID: 51-042-00-030, 51-
Southwest of Evergreen Parkway and
Pinecrest Mountain Road
Section 4, Township 5 South, Range
71 West
From: Commercial-One (C-1)
To: Planned Development (PD)
Purpose: To rezone from Commercial-One (C-1)
to Planned Development (PD) to allow
for 70 single-family attached units
Today’s Action: Approve
Approximate Area: 12.5 Acres
WHEREAS, Moore-Burrow, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership, filed an
application with the Planning and Zoning Division of Jefferson County to
rezone from Commercial-One (C-1) to Planned Development (PD) to allow
for 70 single-family attached units; and
Page 2
WHEREAS, a public hearing was held by the Jefferson County Planning
Commission on July 11, 2018, at which time the Planning Commission by
formal resolution recommended approval with conditions of the subject
rezoning application; and
WHEREAS, after notice as provided by law, a public hearing was held by this
Board on August 14, 2018; and
WHEREAS, based on the study of the Comprehensive Master Plan and the
Zoning Resolution, recommendations of the Jefferson County Planning
Commission, recommendations of the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning
Division, comments of public officials and agencies, and testimony and
written comments from all interested parties, this Board finds as follows:
1. That proper posting, publication and public notice were provided as
required by law for the hearings before the Planning Commission and
the Board of County Commissioners of Jefferson County and the
Planning and Zoning case file is hereby incorporated into the record.
2. That the hearings before the Planning Commission and the Board of
County Commissioners were extensive and complete, that all pertinent
facts, matters and issues were submitted and that all interested parties
were heard at those hearings.
3. The proposal is in general conformance with the Comprehensive
Master Plan because it meets all applicable sections of the Plan
4. The proposed land uses are compatible with existing and allowable
land uses in the surrounding area because the proposal will provide an
alternative type of housing stock in an area equipped with community
uses and uses of similar sensory impact.
5. The proposed land uses will not result in significant impacts to the
health, safety, and welfare of the residents and landowners in the
surrounding area.
6. That each of the factors set forth above is adequate independently to
support this resolution.
7. The subject property is served by the Evergreen Fire Protection District
and Evergreen Metropolitan District.
8. No known commercial mineral deposits exist on the subject property.
Page 3
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Rezoning Case No. 18-100154RZ
to rezone from Commercial-One (C-1) to Planned Development (PD) the
following described unincorporated area of Jefferson County, attached hereto
as Exhibit A, be and hereby is APPROVED subject to the following condition:
a. Recordation of a revised Official Development Plan in accordance
with the red-marked print dated August 14, 2018.
Commissioner Szabo seconded the adoption of the foregoing Resolution. The
roll having been called, the vote was as follows:
Commissioner Libby Szabo Aye
Commissioner Tina Francone Aye
Commissioner Casey Tighe, Chairman Aye
The Resolution was adopted by @9 vote of the Board of County
Commissioners of the County of Jefferson, State of Colorado.
Dated: August 14,2018