Orson Hill Realty Market Update by Danny Skelly

This is why your real estate agent can't find you a home..

Real Estate Market Snapshot

I am not always one to defend other real estate agents but there might be a reason why your guy or gal can’t find you a home. Not that they aren’t trying, there just isn’t anything for sale. The numbers that indicate an increase of inventory are “new listing (42) and back on the market (12). These numbers are the last 7 days in Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, bailey and Golden. In that same are a we saw”pending (75) and closed (85). We are still seeing a lot more real estate being sold than added to the market.

Real estate market agent update

The chart with average sale price and number of active listings is always very telling and one of my favorite charts to go to to see current real estate market conditions. Real estate agents should refer to this chart often. It shows what we have been seeing for years now in our market. Covid has not changed the trajectory of our market in the least. 

One reason we continue to see the same pattern is the desire in the Denver Foothills. We are close to everything but we have a very low population density. This also adds to the lack of inventory. We do not have nearly as many units as people that would like to live here. This drives our prices up. 

You can see this month (October) we have the lowenst inventory all year. Our closing prices are higher than they have been all year. That means people still want to live here and will pay more and more. 


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Real Estate for Sale in Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Bailey and Golden

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