Select Real Estate Agents at Orson Hill Realty Offer Discounts and Perks for Our Military vets

Some of our agents at Orson Hill Realty (we can’t say all because real estate brokers in Colorado are independent contractors) are helping out our military veterans. We would like to re-announce our helping heroes program to give discounts and perks to the people that help us everyday. These perks are not just for our military vets. We consider teachers, first responders and police to be heroes as well. Anyone that wakes up everyday to protect us or our children. Anyone that works in a field that helps our society to stay free and healthy. 

Discounted Services for Military Vets

Our Listing side commission is always negotiable. If you are vet or not. We do however negotiate a much lower listing fee with military vets (active or retired). We will work with you much more. We can help you sell your home much faster for a lower commission. It is just something we like to do. For non-vets we will also work with you. We would rather have our clients happy and recommend us to your friends.

Our Preferred Lenders Will Guide You Through the VA Loan Process

We work hand and hand with your lender. We can recommend lenders that work with with VA loans. It is not only important to work with a local lender in the Denver Foothills or Colorado it is also very important to work with lenders that understand VA loans. We just want to say thank you for serving your country and we want to help you buy or sell your next home. 

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