Selling Your Home During a Divorce - Colorado
Selling Your Home During a Divorce - Colorado

Can I Sell My Home During A Divorce In Colorado?

Divorce can be one of the hardest things you can ever go through. Even an amicable divorce is emotionally and financially trying on people. We understand that. Many of our agents not only deal with it professionally but personally as well. This is what makes us more understanding to having to sell your home during a divorce. 

Sometimes when your are divorcing it is both people’s choice, sometimes it is only one person’s choice. That doesn’t really matter. What matters is you are now in the situation where you need to divide your assets. It is a cold hard reality you are in now. It isn’t often that both sides come out happy from a divorce. What the goal should be is both parties come out with the ability to start over fresh. Hopefully both parties can get enough capital to purchase a new home to call their own.

It would be ideal if one person can keep the home. The problem couple run into is if the person that wants to keep the home they don’t have enough cash on hand to buy the other one out. That is why so often the home must be sold and the assets divided up in a fashion the courts or mediator decides.

I think most people that are in the middle of a divorce can agree on is the last people we want to give our money to are attorneys. There is no bigger waste of money than paying an attorney to help you fight and argue. I personally found it was better to just do things and agree more than argue.

Selling Your Home During Divorce

Who Gets The House After a Divorce?

There is no cut and dry answer to this question in Colorado. Unfortunately if the two parties don’t agree it will be decided by strangers you have never met and frankly don’t know what is right for you and your family. Allowing courts and lawyers decide your fate is a risky thing to do. Neither party usually feels like they won. If you can get along, at least long enough to negotiate your assets, it would benefit both parties. If not the only true winners are the attorneys. 

If you have shared property, meaning that you bought and acquired everything within the home while you were together, this is sometimes divided equally between the two parties. This is never a hard fast rule. Especially in the state of Colorado. There is always the chance this is not the case. Again this is totally up to strangers neither of you have ever met. Negotiated by attorneys that make more money the more you fight and disagree. Can’t stress enough how fast attorney fees rack up. I personally spent enough on attorney fees to buy a nice home, cash! It is one of my only regrets in life. Hiring an attorney to argue with my ex wife’s attorney. 

If one spouse has bought the home before, they may have the right to keep the home after the divorce. If there is a  is a prenup agreement things get even more crazy.

Divorce and selling your home is always a sad and emotional time

There is no doubt a divorce takes a toll on everyone. You will feel exhausted and emotional more than you have ever felt. There is no need to ad to the stress by not hiring a real estate agent that understands selling a home during a divorce. One that understands both sides. A real estate agent that  can stay neutral during the process. Selling the family home during a divorce is difficult. Trying to make it easy on everyone involved is our job. 

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