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Why Orson Hill Realty is proud to be smaller than some

The other day I was talking to my children. They asked “why does your real estate company only have a couple agents?”. It really didn’t take me long to think of an answer but I wanted to filter it as to be as kind to my fellow real estate agents as I could. The real answer is that there are a lot of bad agents out there. It is a shame but I’m sorry there are. Orson Hill Realty is very picky on who they allow into the firm. There are some real estate companies out there who’s model is to grab agents before they even complete school. How can that make a good real estate company? So they get to say “we are the biggest real estate company in _______”. Who cares! How are agents? Do they know what they are doing? Do they know how to market a home? How to do the best for their listing? Probably not!

What makes the best real estate company?

In real estate the most amount of agents does not equate to the best brokerage. It just means they are able to grab agents from real estate school and convince them to join. This does not make you the best it only makes you the biggest. That might also mean a large amount of sales as well but that does not mean it is the best for the client.

Bigger is usually not better

Large real estate companies are taking a pounding in Colorado. There are more and more small companies coming into play every single day. The smaller firms do not charge nearly as much as the bigger firms. Since real estate agents in COlorado are independent brokers and are responsible for paying for their own marketing (including listings) that means an agent with a smaller real estate company has more money to spent on marketing your listing which is good for you.

Why use a smaller real estate company

There are so many reasons to choose a smaller real estate company over a national franchise, it is hard to list them all. Another reason is that the larger franchises teach their brokers one way to do things. Although they are independent contractors they still “drink the kool aid” and have only one way to do things. It might not work in your market but works on a national average so the agent in your area believes it will work. Most smaller firms will adapt to the surrounding area and do things that are proven effective in the area they are working.

How can a larger real estate actually be negative for listings

Just because a real estate agent works for the “largest real estate company in the universe” doesn’t mean that will do you any good in the long run. Actually could hurt you in the end since you might be getting an agent right out of school or they might be paying so much to the national firm for fees and splits they don’t have much money left to market your listing like they should.

We only hire the best Realtors

Orson Hill Realty does not employ brokers without a very, very long history of doing their clients right. Our screening process assures all clients that their agent knows what they are doing. We also charge our brokers very little splits so they have money to market your home. That is the most important thing to us! Market our local listings and have your broker spend their advertising dollars on marketing your home.